Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs

Considering the amount, it won’t be wrong to say that there were more K-R&B releases in the past week. The K-HipHop artists too matched the score with songs like SINCE’s GO UP. Damons Years released Pattern whereas the music producer Dept released an EP titled Summer Blue. Each of these tracks brings a fresh taster to the genres, making you venture further deeper into the likeliness of both!

Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B tracks

Please note: Some songs might not be available on Spotify or iTunes India yet.


Sole – Why (ft. Gaeko)

Sole’s soft and laid back vocals are clubbed with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko’s rap verse in her latest track Why. The steady beats in the background, along with the constant guitar strums provide a soft cushion for the lyrics to rest on. The song is an addictive listen, especially when Sole sings her verse.

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BB – Bad thoughts

K-R&B singer BB has once again mesmerized the listeners with his new track Bad Thoughts. The artist weaves a beautiful web of vocals and melody that are bound to entrap you in its charm. Bad Thoughts is that song that you want to listen to on a rainy day, perhaps with a cup of warm beverage in hand.

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Dept – Summer Blue (ft Brandon Colbein)

Producer Dept’s album Summer Blue is a treat for the summer. The blues that one experiences during the summer and the random spurt of energy that comes after – this feeling is beautifully captured in the title track Summer Blue. LA-based singer Brandon Colbein lends his vocals to this track.

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SINCE makes a powerful statement in this track from the start to finish. Accompanied by rapper Hahoe, the duo produces a fast and trippy track. SINCE’s rap verse would leave you breathless on the first few tries. Both the rappers belt out the lyrics with perfect sync to the music. The trap music is a cherry on the cake.

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Damons year – Pattern

Damons year returns with a comfortable pattern with his latest single. The song would definitely serve as a companion to listen to during work or cooking. Damons year’s breathy vocals clubbed with the almost hypnotizing music, make Pattern an addictive listen.

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GIST – Unhappy (ft Skinny Brown)

A hazy and trippy R&B track, GIST’s Unhappy makes a pleasant listen. GIST and Skinny Brown showcase their vocal capabilities that match seamlessly with the music. Skinny Brown’s alternates between Korean and English in his rap verse. His verse gives a new dimension to the track. GIST’s laid back vocals express the mood of the song perfectly.

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