Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B Songs

The last week of May passed by after giving out some surprises and fulfilling our expectations. This week’s cluster of the latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs was also a rollercoaster ride if you count tracks like SGBOYZ’s ‘? (Curious)’ or Jung JinHyeong’s ‘Back’. We also had some artists who showed their endless potential for their future like Chan releasing his full album ‘The Reverse’ and TRADE L dropping a special single ‘Memory’.

[Some songs are not yet available on Spotify or iTunes India.] 


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B Songs

Owen (ft. Chaeree) – ‘Bright Side’ 

Regardless of all the controversies, Owen gets pulled in, it can’t be denied that his music is one of the best in the K-HipHop industry. Reverting to some simple, laidback hip-hop, Owen and up-and-coming rapper Chaeree urge the listeners to focus on the bright side of life, let go of the worries and stop the meaningless hate. ‘Bright Side‘ goes on with an easy flow as Owen plays with the rhythmic lyrics and Chaeree puts on a catchy refrain. It’s a must for those scenic drives that are also incorporated in the music video.

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O3ohn – ‘Snooze’

Having previously given his voice to a few K-Drama OSTs, K-Indie artist O3ohn makes a comeback with a 4-tracked EP ‘co’. The lead track ‘Snooze’ is a calming, lulled listen along with the other tracks of the EP. The song blooms in the mid from the monotony to dreaminess and slows down again to mark the closure. O3ohn’s soulful voice is enough to set the listener off to sleep. The video is a tangled web of images where the singer sings of being carefree and not lonely.

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Keith Ape – ‘Yuh Dig’

After a concerning Instagram post that claimed he only has few months to live so he’s going to give his all, Keith Ape is back for retribution. ‘Yuh Dig‘ takes us to the dim yet flashy backstreets for a late-night drive in an unsubstantial dark neon scenario. Belting out the aggressive, fast-paced verses that deal with the intoxicated state of mind that cloud over the glum issues, Keith goes all out on the term ‘explicit’ (lyrics are definitely not for someone under 18) and the unfiltered flow is much welcomed. Though not much, the Desi fans can also lookout for a Bengali travel signboard seen throughout the video.

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Queen WA$ABII (ft. BLOO) – ‘PLUG BOY’

After Mnet’s reality show Good Girl put her on the radar, Queen Wa$abii has sure created her own niche. Partnering up with BLOO for this track, ‘Plug Boy‘ is a sensual duet, that the rappers take to reassure each other that rumors don’t matter and their attraction for each other remains as fervid as ever. While the track starts with a 90’s romantic melodic chain, it quickly gets seamed into the trippy beats when Queen Wa$abii starts her catchy refrain. As expected, BLOO delivers his verses well, vibing with the trap rhythm of the song, as the couple slips into the nightly rendezvous.

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Motte – ‘Non-alcohol’

Indie R&B artist Motte is back with her EP, ‘The Things That I Love‘. Though she is mostly known for her K-Drama OSTs, it’s undeniable that she has a stronghold on the contemporary Indie scene in South Korea. The title track, ‘No-alcohol‘ claims that even an inebriated person can get shy and nervous around the one they like and turn ‘non-alcoholic’. This song has all the soothing, pleasurable elements – a free and easy rhythm, earworm melody, Motte’s unique timbre as she sings the song while lounging in her messy living room. It’s definitely another record on the cafe playlist for homebodies.

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Chan – ‘Weak’

It’s only been five months since Chan‘s debut and the listeners can definitely feel the potential he has to make it big. ‘The Reverse‘ is his first full album, composed of 12 songs out of which 4 singles he had released earlier this year. ‘Weak’ is a prime alternative R&B piece that starts gritty but leads to a satisfying chorus. The few muted autotune elements are an interesting addition. The song dives into the helplessness that comes with being infatuated with someone that it’s toxicity grips you and makes you weak. With a full album release, Chan has really put himself out there and definitely has a bright future ahead.

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Kid Milli – ‘vibe check’

One of the prominent artists in the industry, Kid Milli, surprised everyone with a pre-release for his upcoming album ‘BEIGE’. Over an unembellished white screen with the words, “White space is our friend”, we hear him rap in his signature winning flow over the minimal House beat that you can’t help but vibe with it.  The slight room reverb added into the track ‘vibe check‘, gives it a gravel effect. Produced by IOAH, the track has the listeners excited for what the rapper has in store for us in the upcoming album.

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TRADE L (Prod. Way Ched) – ‘Memory’ 

Taking the win in Mnet’s High School Rapper 4, it’s evident that TRADE L‘s future is bright ahead. Being the youngest artist under H1GHR Music at the age of 16, he has shown tremendous flair to make it big. Produced by Way Ched, the special track ‘Memory’ is an ode to TRADE L’s youth where he lets out about his struggles as a teenager and his ambitions for the future that he has to work hard to achieve. TRADE L goes with the rhythm effortlessly, delivering the lyrics on an open, boom-bap beat, singing the chorus equally well. As he himself raps that he’d drop his album soon, our expectations are definitely up seeing the endless potential this young rapper has.

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SGBOYZ (Prod. GRAY) – ‘? (Curious)’

Debuting this week was a rookie HipHop group SGBOYZ consisting of the big names in the K-HipHop scene – Don Mills, Nucksal, Jay Park, and LOCO. Their debut single ‘? (Curious)‘ is a serenade produced by AOMG’s GRAY. With a charming vintage feel where the members sway to the rhythm, the track not only highlights the raps but also reinvents them into vocalists as Jay Park sings through the melodic chorus and Don Mills even takes on a high note. The rappers play with the swing in their own styles. Out of all, the eye-catcher seems to be Don Mills’ verse where he’s curious about Jay Park, GRAY’s beat-making abilities and if there’s an open spot in AOMG.

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Loopy, Owen & BLOO – ‘Astronaut In The Ocean (Remix)’

After the breakthrough success of Greek-Australian rapper Masked Wolf, his single ‘Astronaut In The Ocean‘ gets an MKIT RAIN remix. It also marks their comeback as a whole unit after nafla departs from the label and all the past year controversies. Joining in on the prevalent beats of the original song, Loopy, Owen, and BLOO give the song the satisfying Korean touch by spitting their verses with a vivacious tenacity, flexing on their identities.

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Owell Mood (ft. JAMIE) – ‘Runaway’

Having debuted just last year, Owell Mood has already shown the variety he carries through his appealing discography. ‘Runaway’ is Owell Mood’s first single of 2021 where he features fellow soloist JAMIE. Formed on the Moombahton beats the artists accompany each other through their voices to paint a scenario where they run away together in the shady hindsight. JAMIE’s lucid voice mingled with Owell Mood’s tenor carries the song through a snappy refrain that loops itself around your mind like an earworm.

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Jung JinHyeong (Prod. Vangdale) – ‘BACK’ 

The anticipation for Jung JinHyeong‘s new EP ‘Whimsical’ was probably up for everyone this week and he surely hasn’t let us down. The title track ‘Back’ is an interesting combination of alternative Rock and Synthpop with an urban emblematic bridge that hooks the listener into a hazy mood. The lyrics share the contentment the artist has after a broken relationship and now he’s back to his life before. The album is a must listen and one of the tracks will surely take place in your late-night drive playlist. That being said, this release was definitely worth the hype.

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BB (ft. Geuneul) – ’20’

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop artist BB has released his new, self-produced 2 tracked EP ’20’. The title track, also named ’20’, takes you back to your younger self. Those days were better than the present which moves on fast in monotony. Chill Lo-Fi lines the track with periodic beats that make you vibe along the track. You can relish and unwind to the calmness of the song as BB sings the chorus and raps the slow-paced verses that resonate with the listeners. He successfully achieved his goal to make people take a trip down memory lane and given the times, we aren’t complaining.

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Horim (ft. Chancellor, DAMO, BRWN, Knave, Jhnovr) – SECRET LOVE [Remix]

First of all, this song is not for all, definitely not if you are below 18. We strongly suggest not to look up the lyrics unless you’re 18+. Horim’s new single ‘Secret Love‘ is best suited for those intimate settings. It gets a groovy mix from known names like Chancellor, DAMO, BRWN, Knave, and Jhnovr and is produced by Doomsday. Played on smooth, slow-going R&B beats and the rhythmic rap makes, it sets the hazy mood at high. The music video is a dim set companion fitting the mood of the song.

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Which of these latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs is your jam for the week? Let us know in the comments.