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Once again we are stuck in a transitional week. In a way it’s good like we are looking back at the rocking year 2021 and moving forward with amazing releases from our favorite artists into the new year 2022. What more can we ask for? This week was filled with distinct flavors, from heartwarming releases of JUNNY, Kvsh, Samuel Seo to playful releases of Skinny Brown and Moon Sujin; it had everything that ushers in an alluring end and a promising beginning. So let’s dive straight into this week’s streaming guide!


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs:

JUNNY (ft. JayB) – nostalgia

Finishing off a rocky year on an arcadian note, singer-songwriter JUNNY join hands with GOT7’s leader JAY B on his latest release nostalgiaAccompanied by a scenic lyrical music video, “nostalgia” fuses the charisma of Eighties dream pop with Junny and Jay B’s breathy, mellifluous vocals. Throughout the track, the songwriters unpack the process of revisiting the past, presenting it as a therapeutic process that has one accept the good and bad aspects: “If I can turn back time and relive my younger days/ Will I be able to walk without any regrets?/ Taking a trip down memory lane, although it wasn’t perfect/ I’ll embrace them with all my heart.” 

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Kvsh – 축하해(Celebrate) ft. Summer Soul

South Korean R&B artist Kvsh teams up with Summer Soul once again in his latest single Celebrate. Kvsh had previously featured in Summer Soul’s single White Lies; which was released in November 2021. The track is a slow jam that talks about celebrating every little moment and how temporary things are, bad things often happen but with the passage of time, they eventually fade away.

The lyrics will create a gateway to feel a lot of emotions and can help you move on with a positive outlook: “Celebrate with good people for today/As time passes, everything is a memory/Bad thoughts are PASS /When you think there’s no one by your side/I want you to play this song/I’ll be by your side when the cold winter comes.” 

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blueallover (ft. Brown Tigger, Yonge Jaundice) – Line and Dots

Life is a series of many dots; when dots come together to form a line, the shape is different. All these different points and lines can be felt in Korean rapper blueallover‘s new single Line and Dots featuring Brown Tigger and Yonge Jaundice. The rapper straight away starts with his concrete bars and is very outspoken when it comes to expressing his thoughts on things happening around him. Brown Tiger and Yonge Jaundice have not only contributed in giving fierce vocals but also worked upon the metaphorical lyrics.

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Samuel Seo – 먼지(Dust)

Even if there are a lot of hardships in our lives, they’re nothing but a handful of dust when you see them later on in your life. It’ll turn into nothing so don’t let those temporary troubles hold you back. This is what Samuel Seo’s new track Dust is all about! A perfect groove that sits right with the bass line, this track gives a sophisticated vibe that can be seen in movies or theatricals. Seo did a fabulous job with the beats and even he admitted in a short video uploaded on his YouTube channel, that it took him quite some time to find the right beat that would fit perfectly in the groves.

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Skinny Brown (ft. JUSTHIS) – Make You Mine

Skinny Brown ends the year with 21 Last Mood,  a double single. The tracks, Make You Mine featured by JUSTHISAndale featured Jayci Yucca, own a fresh Trap vibe. The beats produced by TOIL for Make You Mine are pretty colorful and playful. The hook is quite catchy and will linger on your mind for a long time. The prelude has sensual beats which set the correct vibe for the track and the smooth flow between Skinny Brown and JUSTHIS takes this game to the next level. This entwined duo has given the ending of the year 2021 a differen, more flavorful taste.

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oceanfromtheblue – unusual

K-R&B artist oceanfromtheblue released his double single unusual as a year-end gift for his fans. The double single has two tracks: in winter in collab with Eight Ball Town producer Fukuo and unusual is a song with an impressive melodic line. While in winter is on the soft side with a refined beat whereas unusual is warmer yet rather muted thanks to its beat. Perfect for the end of your dance nights! In the track unusual, the singer talks about the mysterious charm of a lady that has got him on toes and is on his mind 24/7. He sees her as something unusual and needs to know more about her, making various excuses just to be with her. The official visualizer is quite hazy and dreamy portraying the concussion and confusion in singer’s mind.

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Gong Hoon (ft. heroincity) – Devil Inside

Producer, Guitarist & Rapper/Singer Gong Hoon released Devil Inside, Angel Inside his 4th EP. EPs that he has released this year are pretty impressive! In keeping with his previous projects, this EP is on a smooth Emo Rap/Alt Rock vibe. The track Devil featuring heroincity is on the darker side of the EP and talks about the inner devils of human conscience. It has an acoustic guitar melody which gives an edge to the snare beats and the Emo Rap ambiance created by both artists.

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Moon Sujin – 눈동자 (Nundongja)

After months of waiting, renowned R&B singer Moon Sujin under Million Market (sub-label of SM Ent.) released her new single Nundongja on the very last day of the year 2021. It’s an R&B soul project with futuristic vibes, adding another star to her discography. She may be an R&B artist but from time to time she has proved that she is much more than just that. Coming out of her comfort zone and effortlessly slaying is quite rare to be seen in artists and Sujin does this with such grace that it is sure to make everyone speechless. The track focuses on lovesick Sujin who wants to be with her love forever. She doesn’t know what eternity means but still wants to be with him for a long time. The track has an intoxicating melody mixed with the singer’s spellbinding vocals – irresistible to the T!

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That was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Comment down your favorite latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs from this week’s streaming guide.
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