Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B

The transitional week where one-month ends and a new one begins is always full of powerful and memorable releases, and so is true for this week too. The latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs list consists of bops from some very popular artists like Queen CL, Rockstar rapper ASH ISLAND, rapper with witty lyrics SUPERBEE, R&B singers oceanfromtheblue and THAMA, and Indigo Music’s new joinee ron, etc. So, let’s go explore this week’s list!


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B Songs:

THAMA (ft. GSoul) – Blessed

The song ‘Blessed’ is a pure celebration of life and of relationships ties that bond all of us to each other. It offers an eargasmic and feel-good listening experience to all its listeners. The combination of THAMA’s melodic vocals with GSoul’s mellifluent and of slightly higher register vocals, on a consistent lo-fi-esque beat, sounds ethereal. The beautiful representation of black people in their most natural and indigenous forms in the slow-paced music video also is something to appreciate and enjoy.

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CL – Lover Like Me

A smooth changeup from the previous pre-released track, ‘Spicy’, this track gives the listeners a glimpse into why there can’t be another artist like CL. Getting her dulcet vocal set out of her skillset closet, CL puts up a lovely performance of soft pop honeyed vocals as she sings, “I just got to let you know/ If you’re gonna let me go/ You will never ever find another lover like me/ No lover like me” accompanied by ambient synthesizers. CL has co-written the single with BoomBap King Nafla and popular singer Anne Marie. Infusing this trendy singing fest with a short yet memorable rap verse and enhancing the experience with a one-of-a-kind music video, ‘Lover Like Me’ also shows how CL is all set to wow the world with her upcoming album, ‘ALPHA’!

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Presented on the occasion of the Google Play Indie Game Festival, this song marks the celebration of the passion and innovation of artists and creators all around. With the signature rock-infused singing rap style of ASH ISLAND and the upbeat and uplifting instrumentation by TOIL to enhance his vocals even more, ‘PLAY’ has an igniting quality – one which gets listeners up on their feet and moving. Sprinkled with Google Play motifs like their blue play button, the gigantic whale, etc., the music video also plays a big role in inspiring this quality; especially the scenes when ASH ISLAND comes up on screen and starts performing his heart out.

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Rohann – Comin’ At Ya

Fresh from his latest EP ‘Be Right Back’ which marks the artist’s upcoming enlistment into the military, ‘Comin’ At Ya’ is a power-packed banger. Signalling how the song is coming for all the fake rappers who use auto-tunes to hide their lack of skills or the ones hopping on the bandwagon just for the sake of it, Rohann raps in a powerful tone full of character: “Money talk is too cliche/ Hiphop seems dead now/ I am sick of this dissonance.” What draws the listeners in is how the track’s simple instrumentation puts all the focus on his charismatic rap diction, cadence and Rapstar aura; you just cannot not listen when Rohann has the microphone.

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 SUPERBEE (ft. Uneducated Kid, Royal 44, YLN Foreign) – BANDS BIGGER

Part of his latest EP ‘Fake Rappers Killer’, SUPERBEE’s ‘Bands Bigger’ kicks off with a blazoning hook by Uneducated Kid who raps, “I wake up in the morning and I make bands bigger”. From here, SUPERBEE takes over, and even though he raps in a more laid-back manner, his swagger and impactful clear diction never lack luster; they sound as polished as ever. When Royal 44’s verse comes into the picture, it is easy-flowing as well and alludes to a lot of luxury brands – signature of a flex track like Bands Bigger. Kicking up the brassiness and gritty power up a notch is YLN Foreign whose verse rings powerfully, “I smell it yo stop actin’ fake/ I pull up with the heart of a lion.” Tying all these different cadences and lyrics is the consistent beat instrumentation that flows through the track, shedding all the light on the rapper performing at that moment.  ‘Bands Bigger’ is hence a track that has an icy fire burning in the soul of its sonics.

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Woodie Gochild – Gas station

‘Gas station’ from his latest double single, ‘Feather’s Letter’ is as addictive as any other Woodie Gochild track, if not more. Employing melodic funk-pop-inspired guitar riffs and synths, the vibrant instrumentation enhances the impact of Woodie’s own groovy rap flow and ear-pleasing vocal interjections. Alikening his love story to a car running out of fuel and in search of a gas station, the song also carries Woodie’s signature trend-setting sounds, as even the way he enunciates “woah, woah, woah” is so catchy and unique. It really is the parting gift for his fans before he enlists in compulsory military service!

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oceanfromtheblue (ft. unofficialboyy) – say yes

Singing of what he called the “tug-of-war” phase of love, oceanfromtheblue and unofficialboyy bring to their listeners the squeazy but hopeful emotions that a person feels as he waits for his lover to say yes. Combining melodic instrumentation very reminiscent of the 90s R&B with the sweet-toned vocals of oceanfromtheblue and the sturdy rap flow of unofficialboyy, ‘say yes’ enraptures the listeners with the promise of a holistic pleasant listening experience. The track, also the intro of oceanfromtheblue’s latest EP ‘forward’, also speaks volumes of the direction and theme that the artist is aiming for in his new project.

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ron – Einstein

His first release since joining the Indigo Music label, ‘Einstein’ showcases the diverse vastness of ron’s soundscape. Beginning with a colorful electric guitar melody and ron setting the mood with his subdued melodic vocals, the song shifts into a space where an angelic purity resonates throughout the choir-inspired instrumentation and ron’s mellifluent high notes. This is followed by an easy-on-the-ears lyrical rap by the artist – proof of his multifacetedness. The accompanying music video also seems to bank on this innocent-uplifting quality of the music as scenes of curious children looking at fishes and the set where ron performs, appear. One thing is for sure, this single piques the listeners’ interests with its unique trajectory and appealing composition, and hence makes them look forward to what ron has to offer in the future.

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