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New week, new releases, new stories, our beloved KHipHop and K-R&B never miss a chance to serve us something new with each passing day. This is week was filled with rejuvenating songs that will be a new addition to your playlist. We had amazing comebacks from artists like GSoul, Mirani, WILLA, RAUDI, and many more. So get ready with your music playlist as we are diving into this week’s streaming list!


Latest Korean HipHop and R&B songs


Producer and rapper WILLA is back after 2 years with his new EP F.N.O (From Now On) which is a singular trap project with unique heavy beat songs. 5GIGAP has an ambient and playful vibe to it, making it an interesting jam for the listener’s ears. The amalgamation of heavy bass, electronic hi-hats, and piano will give a proper old-school hip-hop feel. WILLA’s impressive production and rap skills also add a cherry on top.

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2. RAUDI – 알아도 (I Know) ft. Rakon

I know from HOMESICK is RAUDI’s third EP after SEOUL NIGHT. While in the SEOUL NIGHT series RAUDI gave us a taste of the fever of the nights in Seoul, with HOMESICK he vividly captures this feeling of longing for the warmness of home in a cold city. RAUDI is delivering his best with this song and Rakon’s appealing vocals glorify the song even more. The lyric video has eye-catching animations, presenting the story in a comical manner.

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3. G Soul- Natural

Korean R&B artist GSoul released his new EP Natural and a music video of its title track of the same name. GSoul aimed to show a never seen before side of him through this album and indeed we can see his pristine charms. Natural is such a touching song: simple yet graceful. Delicate beats highlighting Gsoul’s pretty vocals and the exquisiteness of music video will brighten your day. The MV has beautiful cinematography consisting of serene views of oceans, meadows, forests, sky, and what not!

‘Love comes natural. You don’t have to force to love.’

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4. Sonny Zero- Decomposing

The beauty of this song lies in its lyrics, it would be a lie if anyone can’t relate to the lyrics. Heart-touching lyrics and vocals having a different melancholy will reserve a special spot in your heart. Sonny Zero’s Decomposing talks about the helplessness and wearing out of our mind, being trapped in a cage which no one can see, endless screams for help to which no one pays any heed. The singer can see himself decomposing bit by bit and there’s nothing he can do to save himself. It can be a song that will be close to many hearts and be an escape door to many souls.

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5. SUDI – Toy Soldier ft. Blue.D, GARY

SUDI released her new album Toy Soldier and a music of its title of the same name. A dreamy song having music box-themed beats mixed with captivating vocals from Blue.D and Gary will transfer you to a fantasy world filled with mysteries and treasures. The MV is shot in a dream sequence style, constantly showcasing scenes from the singer’s past or dream to her present. There was a time when everything surrounding her had shine, a glow to it but now they had lost their luster. This song also has some mysterious vibes that will enchant the listeners and cast a spell on them.

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6. Khundi Panda – ceci n’est pas une pipe

ceci n’est pas une pipe from Khundi Panda’s 3rd album Spoiled Child is about feelings & self-hatred experienced because of alcohol and cigarette. It stands out from his discography, it’s less fierce but his flow is so real that touches you deeply. Through this song, he tried to express his thoughts sincerely, but at the same time, he showed how people may not fully understand his character.

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7. Colde X Jung Yu-Mi X APRO – Enough (Prod. Apro)

Dingo Music’s third collaborative project track Enough (Prod. APRO) is comprised of calm, rhythmic guitar sounds, and expresses the ambiguous middle ground between a bright and dark atmosphere. It will provide a unique kind of warmth to listeners with lyrics that resemble a natural conversation. You must have had a perfect cup of coffee; where every ingredient is balanced and perfectly blended, just like that coffee in Enough soft charming vocals of Colde are harmonized with Yu-Mi’s emotions and Apro’s dynamic music production.

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8. Mirani – Tikita ft. lIlBOI

Mirani never disappoints when it comes to her releases, Tikita the title track of her first EP UPTOWN GIRL is one such example. The song kicks off with a chill melody before we get that beat drop that goes nicely with her tone of voice. She rides the beat with ace, bringing us a chill vibe. This chill vibe is nice to listen to, allowing us to easily groove along to it. This kind of beat is also super easy to listen to, as it flows right into our ears. The video is also super cute to watch as she allows her natural vibe to come through. It is clear that she had fun filming this. lIlBOI‘s section is also a great addition to her song, as his voice contrasts well with Mirani‘s rap verses. It helps enhance the beauty of this song. Overall, it is such a fun song to listen to.

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9. BADROOM – Kitchen

From his latest album HOME BAD HOME, BADROOM depicted a short love story with an open end. The album has 6 songs named after different rooms of a house, where his love life took some turn. Kitchen talks about the starting phase of his story wherein the singer moved into a house with his lover to begin a new chapter in their lives. The song has an authentic R&B soul melody, some lo-fi beats, and addictive vocals of singer. Rap verses resonate with a flirty but playful conversation and blend with vocal with such ease that will make you think “O! that was smooth!”. The music video’s ending scene can be noted as a scene that’ll turn the tables in the later chapters of this story. The direction of the music video is also commendable, every scene holds an inner meaning which can increase the curiosity of the viewers.

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This was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Comment down your favorite latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs from this week’s.
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