Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B

Last week was the start of yet another musically rich month, and if the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs are anything to go by, it sure looks promising! Wrapping up the end of August also, we had LeeHi’s pre-release, Dejavu’s artists’ collaborative album, and nafla’s fresh beginnings with GROOVL1N with his new EP. With all these amazing creations one after the other, the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs’ tracklist is just A1!


Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B Songs:

1. LeeHi (ft. B.I)- Savior

 A pre-release from LeeHi’s upcoming third album ‘4 ONLY’, Savior amps up the anticipation for the tracklist that awaits the listeners. It portrays, through the emotional lyrics and complementary music video, a bittersweet maturation of young puppy love into a true adult romance that binds the couple in a relationship where they share their happiness and pain both. The music video also stars young actors, Lee Je Hoon, and Won Jin Ah. The intriguing combination of instrumentation that carries a playful air, with the sentimental mellifluent notes of LeeHi and B.I, also lends a magnetic appeal to the track.

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2. nafla (ft. JUSTHIS) – run!

It is always a treat to listen to what comes out of the collaboration of two elite artists; just like this release which features powerhouse JUSTHIS alongside the Fire King, nafla. This track from his latest album, ‘Natural High’ marks a new beginning for nafla, who goes back to his old-school hiphop roots. Accompanied with a bold and gangsta music video, nafla’s verses ring with the polished boombap style that he is known for, while JUSTHIS backs him up with an equally thrilling verse and fiery energy.

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3. DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, & peace – Diamond + and Pearls 

Part of Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album (probably the most anticipated OST album of 2021), this track carries an addictive appeal where the more you listen to it, the more hooked you are. Mixing in a lot of attractive ad-libs, harmonic chorus’ vocals, old-school discotheque style instrumentation, along with the modern trendy vocalization that these artists utilize a lot in their own tracks, the simple-repetitive track becomes a lot more charming! 

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4. Dingo X Dejavu – Maybe Yesterday

When the entire skilled lineup of Dejavu Label comes together, the musical synergy they produce can definitely take over anybody’s playlist! Dejavu’s ‘Compilation Album, ‘Wrote This Tomorrow’ and its lead track, ‘Maybe Yesterday’ is the perfect example of this. With the leaders, BewhY, Khundi Panda, Son Simba, and Viann on the track, ‘Maybe Yesterday’ paves the way for the rest of the tracklist as it shows the best of all these talents. The smooth-flowing cadence, crystal clear diction, captivating aura, and groovy production pervading throughout the track make it a real bop! Especially, the first verse by BewhY, which is like a surprise jab that leaves the listener stunned for a second before they are hooked onto the catchy flow of the artist. 

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5. Owen x Ourealgoat (ft. Dbo)- Limelight

Coming from Owen and Ourealgoat’s new EP ‘Brotherhood’, the title track ‘Limelight’ seems to carry more than just the chill vibes associated with trap and melodic rap style. The track also features a different side of the two rappers – Owen shows off a softer, higher note hook before jumping into his usual vocal range, while Ourealgoat also smoothes off his powerful gritty tone into a subtler, laid-back version. The addition of eccentric rapper, Dbo to the mix works very well as his singing rap seems to fit right in with the overall vibe and rhythm of the track. 

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6. slchld – Yama

If there’s one thing that slchld’s tracks make you feel, it is strangely ‘Calmness and Peace’. No matter if the subject of the sentimental lyrics is poignant or heart-fluttering romantic, that tranquility is surely the feel you will experience. ‘Yama’ is yet another late-night, lo-fi song by the Korean-Canadian R&B/Soul artist where he lulls the listener into a pleasant state, with his soft vocals, dulcet guitar strumming, and poetic lyrics.

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7. Ahn Byeong Woong – Time Trouble

Heavily produced, this single by Ahn Byeong Woong directs the spotlight from focusing just on his charming old-school hiphop style, to his artistic experimental spirit. ‘Time Trouble’ features a quite intriguing extra-terrestrial kind of sonics and the production by the artist alongside, Producer Noh Kyung Tae, also adds to this eccentric atmosphere. The vocalization of the verses is also worked on by the artists to carry this charming quirkiness that Ahn Byeong Woong seems to be experimenting with.

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8. TAEWOO – hitmeup

Inviting the listeners in with a euphonious guitar melody, the song swerves into a simple yet satisfying band instrumentation. Layer it up with Taewoo’s mellifluent ear-pleasing vocals and flawless high notes, and ‘hitmeup’ becomes a great chill R&B track to listen to. The simplicity of the music video also supplements the unembellished-yet-shining feel of the track.

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Which track was your favorite from the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B tracklist? Let us know in the comments below.
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