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After having a powerful transitional week; October’s first week didn’t disappoint at all, it carried forward the legacy of the past week. This week was jammed packed with gems like Nafla, NIve, Samuel Seo, Apro, Futuristic Swaver, and many more! So, without any delay let’s jump straight into this week’s latest K-HipHop and K-R&B comeback guide!


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B S0ngs:

Nafla (ft. kaeoh626, J-Tong, Huckleberry P, SOIREE & Dok2) – Run! Remix 

Back on August 31, Nafla came under the limelight with his song  RUN! Feat. JUSTHIS and came back into prominence again by releasing RUN! REMIX  this Friday. Calling out to all the haters out there with mfs, better run as the hook,  this song will not only give an instant boost to your mood but also to your confidence. Soft lo-fi melody in the background, electronic beats, bop drops, and witty lyrics this song is undoubtedly dope and is go-to for exercising or whenever you feel down. 

Nafla is not the only gem behind this piece, RUN! REMIX also features some of the most talented OGs like Dok2, Huckleberry P, Kaeoh626, J-Tong & SOIREE!

Listen exclusively on Youtube for now!


NIve, Hanhae with KozyPop – Pop Song 

Pop Song is the seventh single of the project with KozyPop in which NIve and HanHae gave their melodious vocals. Pop Song is a song that symbolically expresses the strange feeling between hate and longing after the breakup of a shunning love story. The sugar-coated vocals of the singers will melt your insides and take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Battling with hate and longing for someone that wasn’t meant for you is indeed exhausting but this song brings solace to listeners with its soft melody making them relate to the story portrayed in the track.

Listen and download the track on: Spotify / Apple Music


Apro (ft. Gaeko, PENOMECO) – Struggling 

Giving sincere comfort to those living fiercely, Apro along with Gaeko and Penomeco released his single Struggling on October 4, 6 PM KST on various music platforms. Both song and music video are unique in their own way. The music video opens with the phrase, “what is it I’m struggling with?” which can make us question ourselves at the same time. Moving on, the MV was focused on showing our everyday struggles and what we feel during that time. Here, Gaeko’s sensual vocals flow out and raise our expectations to another level!

Listen and download the track on: Spotify


Futuristic Swaver – Pull Up

Shot in green meadows with giant windmills, South Korean rapper and producer Futuristic Swaver released his music video for his latest single Pull Up this Friday. The song consists of bright visuals and catchy electronic beats. The lyrics tell us a story that’s totally opposite to the first look and vibe of MV and soundtrack. Swaver expressed how he feels while struggling to sustain and how this harsh reality continues to be his mother that gives a reality check to him from time to time. Consisting of a catchy chorus, this song can make you swing your body and can get you chained to its rhythm!

Listen and download the track on: Spotify /Youtube music /Ganna


Osshun Gum – Move That Dope

Osshun Gum released his second studio album the way to heaven on October 4, consisting of 11 tracks and Move that dope as its second single. He released a music video of Move that dope on the same date starring the rapper himself. The music video opens by showing Osshun doing his little dance moves. The 22-year-old rapper talks about his routine of making five songs in one night, neglecting his health that stuns his father, fake friendship, and more but still all of these pulling back failed to move him back and he moved forward with more dope songs. Made with subtle beats, rhythmic hook line, and drops, rappers’ vocals were emphasized in this track. 

Listen and download the track on: Spotify


 Kinda Blue (ft. Khakii) – Wartime

After debuting with the one and only MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, rookie R&B artist Kinda Blue is back with yet another heartfelt song Wartime featuring Khakii. Emotional vocals, soul-soothing melody, heart-touching lyrics, and pictorial representation of song are some specialties of this emerging young talent. But these are not the only things he is good but also he can make the listeners retrospect their own life, heartbreaks, betrayals, etc through his story and music. Here the vocalist talks about helplessness that was felt by him when the most important person in his life was no longer in his life and there was nothing else that he can do to bring them back. He’s in a zone from where there is no turning back and has lost his will to do anything in life quoting “the flowers in this room are dying but still there’s nothing I can do”. Kinda Blues’ emotional vocals and Khakiis’ agonizing rap makes this song a sentimental package for the listeners.

Listen and download the track on: Spotify 


Samuel Seo (ft. DeAndre) – Vulture

On October 6, Samuel Seo came back with his single Vulture featuring DeAndre’. Starting with classy electric guitar and impressive bass intro, Samuels’ vocal comes into the scene and starts to create a chill atmosphere. Giving pure R&B soul vibes this song also provides a carefree environment and a moment to loosen up ourselves. DeAndre’ did a fabulous job in spicing up the song. Adlibs and little screams in the end section of the song added a texture to it and will make you feel like having a relaxing dance club night or you can add any other place according to your taste!

Listen and download the track on: Spotify /Apple Music /Amazon music 


Paul Kim – After Summer

On October 7, Singer-Songwriter Paul Kim released his EP After Summer and Gloomy Sunday as its title track. On the same day, he also released a sad ballad MV for After Summer, and the melodious singer proved his skills in an emotional way. It’s his first comeback after 8 months and this time he is all set to make his fans cry their eyes out. Simple MV where Paul sings his regrets for falling out with his lover while driving around the sea coast coupling with underlying piano and beat. After Summer is a medium-paced song that depicts longing for love, which was painful because it was fragile.

Listen and download the track on: Spotify /Apple Music


Written by: Harshita Singh

This was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Let us know which latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs were your favorite for this list in the comments.
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