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This week definitely marked the dominance of K-HipHop over K-R&B releases as we saw a lot of talented rappers releasing bop tracks one after another throughout this week. The latest arsenal of K-HipHop songs released includes releases from artists like YUMDDA, ASH ISLAND, punchnello, JAEHA, etc. The K-R&B side also however isn’t far behind as Jimmy Brown and WONSTEIN proved with their outstanding releases this week. It really is difficult to choose a favorite out of these latest K-HipHop and K-R&B tracks!

Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B tracks:

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ASH ISLAND, GroovyRoom – Carabiner

A pairing that could never go wrong, Ambition Musik’s Rockstar Rapper ASH ISLAND and Hottest Producer Duo GroovyRoom, bring to its listeners an ‘AMBUSH x GENTLE MONSTER’ promo-collaboration track. ‘Carabiner’ brings back ASH ISLAND’s signature “low, emotional singing intertwined with passionate rapping” style. With a rhythmic guitar strumming and constant house beat as the base of the instrumentation, GroovyRoom map out the ambiance that ASH ISLAND brings to life with his anthemic and emotive vocals. No wonder the listeners of this track are gushing over how “ASH ISLAND never disappoints and then add GroovyRoom in and you literally can’t go wrong!”

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meenoi (ft. Loco) – I Can’t Wait!

Before even coming to the ear-pleasing music that this duo brings, you will see yourself falling for the pervading cuteness of the two artists together and separately! Add into the mix, the upbeat charming melody and rhythm, and the catchy verses that pertain to each of their unique signature styles, and you have got a track that feels like a relaxing blessing in these hot summer days. Loco and meenoi is a combo you wish would reappear again sometime soon because you just can’t get enough of them!

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A mega remix of producer TOIL’s ‘Forever You’ from his 2021’s latest album, ‘FOREVER YOU MEGAMIX’ features a crazy lineup of unique veteran rappers which is enough to boast of the elite musical quality of the track. Kicking off the track with a suspense-evoking electric guitar production by TOIL, YUMDDA takes the stage with some old-school singing hook. This is backed by the eccentric Anchor-like singing lines of MUSHVENOM that hype up the tension in the air before UNEDUCATED KID brings it back down with an ear-pleasing auto-tuned verse.

CHANGMO throws a surprising curveball incorporating a high-pitched note in his otherwise deep vocalization. He passes it on to Northfacegawd who carries a euphonious sonical constancy in his verse before it is passed back to YUMDDA who gives Don Mills the mic to charm the listeners next with his rap-singing blend. The track might be 8 minutes long, however, with this wide variety of rappers and the great energy that each of them brings to the track, it feels as if unfortunately it ended too soon.

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punchnello – BACK

A pre-release from his upcoming mixtape, Demon Youth, ‘BACK’ brings back the intense-rapper energy that seemed to have laid low in his latest releases that focused more on an exploration of his mellow, singer-rapper side. With a haughty bass electric guitar strumming that immediately signals the fire that is burning within the rapper, ready to explode, Punchnello hits a hard jab with a swift and bold declaration of “Yuh! I’ve come BACK to reclaim the throne”! The return of the Psychedelic style of music video and the old-school rock instrumentation also give the feeling of the rise of a king back from the ashes. ‘BACK’ is really an interesting track that hooks the listeners who can’t help but wait for the entire Mixtape soon!

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YUMDDA (ft. DOGE) – 9ucci

If ever you doubt the timelessness of K-HipHop, listen to the latest track (in this case ‘9ucci‘) by Flexing OG, YUMDDA. His hot trendy rap style, mixed in with his higher-pitched hook vocals and his natural swagger, makes it next-to-impossible to pause the track and move on to the next – it’s so addictive! His goaty “Aaeee” sound and the suave music production that always accompanies his verses also have a charming quality to them that is quite hard to resist. This artist’s musical viability and evolution really seem to run with no stoppers!

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Produced by AOMG  hitmaker, GRAY. OLNL is back with the title track of his new EP with YUNHWAY and GIRIBOY in tow. ‘ZERO%’ has an uplifting melody that rings with a vibrancy that GRAY’s colorful discography always promises. The team of OLNL, YUNHWAY, and GIRIBOY also carries a magnetic versatility in the musical spectrum painted that it is hard to take your attention off the song for even a second. OLNL’s deep singing rap giving way to YUNHWAY’s saucy one and the final smooth transition to GIRIBOY’s naturally suave verse, is what alleviates this track from being just another “Sprite Commercial” to a “definite-add to my playlist” bop!

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After winning the hearts of everyone through his performances in High School Rapper 4 and his recent signing with The Quiett’s and YUMDDA’s Daytona Entertainment, JAEHA is here to prove he’s worthy with a whole album filled with amazing bops. ‘MOVIE ii’ from EP ‘Graduation’ shines a light on the burning passion of the young rapper, the husky singing-rap voice, and the rockstar aura that he seems to exude. With a beautiful cinematographic music video to support his optimistic lyrics about life being a movie full of ups and down, JAEHA brings back the comforting warmth he conveyed to his listeners in HSR4’s ‘I’m Fine’ stage with Mentor YUMDDA.

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WONSTEIN – When Night Is Falling

Be it rapping or singing, WONSTEIN slays at them both. ‘When Night Is Falling’ showcases his healing vocal abilities that make the daily life stresses of our day, disappear like magic. Setting up a relaxing late-night mood with the starting background sounds – clock ticking, slow guitar, and a charming piano melody, WONSTEIN reels us in. In an almost effortless calm manner that reflects not only in his relaxed posture but also in his vocals, he is able to sing to us a lovely song that nobody would deny being “OST-worthy”.

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Jimmy Brown – Yours

Starting off with a soft “I’m yours babe” laced with a low-bass reiteration and lo-fi bgm melody, Jimmy Brown instantly demands attention for what is to follow. A romantic bilingual serenade and a soothing pure melody washes over the listeners next and transports them to the world of honey-sweet love. It is perfect for those late-night emotional feels and talks with your one and only.

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Which of these latest K-HipHop and K-R&B tracks are your favorites? Tell us in the comments below!