K-HipHop K-R&B Comeback

For K-HipHop and K-R&B lovers, this week is no less than a AVENGERS movie. It consisted of greatest collabs from finest artists of Korean Music Industry such as Jay Park, pH-1, Park Hyeon Jin, Gaeko, CHANGMO to iconic comeback of MINO from WINNER and promotion of new talent like BE’O, SINCE and many more. So let’s dive straight into this week’s streaming list!

Latest Korean HipHop and R&B Songs:

Gaeko, CHANGMO, Don Mills , Los, DeVita, SOLE , SINCE  & BE’O  – B.O.T.B.(Best Of The Best)(Prod.  GRAY)

Nike has come up with a collaboration like no other with track “Best Of The Best” having an amazing artist lineup. It features the dope artists of HipHop world: Gaeko, Changmo, Don Mills, Los, DeVita, Sole and SMTM10 stars Since and Be’O. Each one of them blended together but didn’t forget to show their individual charms. If a song has GRAY’s production without any second thoughts it’ll be an absolute banger. Don Mills starts off the track as well as mv with his chill vibes while riding the beats like a pro! What’s great about this video is the fact that it also features other rappers, showcasing how strong and close bonded the rap community is.

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Jay Park alongside PARK HYEON JIN and members of his HipHop/R&B label H1GHR MUSIC has released a remix of the regional hit ‘LOTUS’ by a Malaysian rap crew ForceParkBois. Jay Park leads the remix with a greeting in Malay(native language), rapping: “Apa Khabar, it’s Jay Park” which translates to, “How are you? It’s Jay Park”. The flow of this song is flawless and has such great vibe to it. Lyrical prowess and delivery expertise from each of them will make you their fan all over again. Moreover, it feels so good to see artists promoting each other and showcasing a sense of belonging to the HipHop music community. Park also shouted out the crew in a tweet following the remix’s release praising the South-East Asian Rap scene.

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CIKA – Bust ft. KOR KASH, NSW yoon

CIKA released ‘FLAME FROM ANSAN’, his 4th EP. Just like its title, this EP is on a raging vibe! CIKA’s flow is fierce, he gives his all. The whole project has been produced by J Way, and it seems that with CIKA they decided to give a try to drill! The MV for title track ‘Bust’ featuring KOR KASH and NSW yoon perfectly displayed a space where musicians and listeners that are taking over culture meet and communicate passionately. 
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Korean American rapper-singer Flowsik collaborates with his longtime friend Gonhills on ‘Gundals’. The song title is a colloquial term for a Korean Gangster around which the MV centered around, Flowsik wanted to focus on the theme of brotherhood not violence that exists among gang members, and highlight the fam who helped to make this track.

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Lil Cherry – PYE LIFE

Lil Cherry released the afrobitz track ‘PYE LIFE’ portraying the worldview of ‘Pie’. In the music video released at the same time, the choreography that Lil Cherry tried for the first time was well contained, and Gina Kim, an icon of the Afro dance scene, was in charge of producing the choreography. The song has a fun and cute vibe. The MV has a short message which we all were used to get from our parents while eating sugary things, “Don’t eat too much sugar or your teeth will decay!”, so cute right? but this message holds a lot of significance in real life as well, excess of something not good for us. 

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CODE KUNST , Lee Chan Hyuk , Colde , sogumm – Cheers

Code Kunst, Lee Chanhyuk from AKMU, Colde and Sogumm teamed up for the new single ‘Cheers’ as a second music project under ELLE KOREA. ‘Cheers’ is a beautiful, soft R&B track that has a stunning flow to it. All the vocals fit together really well and it’s very smooth to listen. The music video stars actors Yoon Kye Sang and Mun Ka Young(from True Beauty).

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GIRIBOY, Kim Yoo Jung – your night, your star, your moon

“Your Night, Your Star, Your Moon” is the second part of digital content brand Dingo’s ‘Duet Mate’ project, in which different actors/actresses and rappers partner up to release new songs. This time actress Kim Yoo Jung (form backstreet rookie) and rapper GIRIBOY have teamed up on this track. This song sheds light on a man and woman yearning for one another after a breakup. Kim’s pure vocals and GIRIBOY’s distinctive lyrics took this song to another level.

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SMTM10 fame BE’O released a full version of his superhit track ‘Counting Stars’ from the second preliminary round of the show. This track already received a warm response from the judges as well as HipHop community and its full version was highly anticipated among the fans. Superstar rapper Beenzino supported BE’O’s single with a surprise feature, making fans go wild. Catchy rhythm, fresh flow, dope beats and bar spitting rappers; this one track become a part of your everyday playlist.

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This was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Comment down your favorite latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs from this week’s streaming guide.
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