Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B

This second week of September seems to be painted in the colorful hues of the captivating K-R&B artists, as this week saw releases from BIBI, BIGONE, LeeHioceanfromtheblue, and some upcoming artists like soowoo. An interesting element that was common in some of these tracks, and the one that made it so special also, was the exemplary music production by artists like dress, PATEKO, etc.! So, let’s check out this week’s latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs list.


Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B Songs:

1. LeeHi (ft. Yoonmirae) – Red Lipstick

From her highly anticipated album, ‘4ONLY’, this track is like a retro-inspired dance-pop song that puts you in a good mood and gets your body swaying along in joy. With a dance party-themed music video that features appearances of all AOMG members, the red lipstick that LeeHi puts on seems to be a signal to live in the moment and to the fullest as ‘the tough times never last’ and so there’s no need to be worried and sad right now. Aside from LeeHi’s vibrant energy-fueled singing, Yoonmirae’s powerful old-school hip-hop verse that cuts through at certain moments in the track, also adds to the texture and amp up the flavor of the track. 

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The track ‘PADO’ is like a deep dive into the rich musical landscape that artist BIBI has built over the years, as part of her own unique niche. Washing over the listeners with her mellifluous singing (especially the flawlessly executed wispy high notes) while backed up by an equally euphonious band instrumentation, BIBI delivers a pleasing experience. The music video, featuring Dbo, also is proof of how BIBI always shows her listeners a world of beauty and wonder through her music and awes them.

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3. BIG Naughty x dress (ft. Zior Park) – Bourgeois

If we could use just one word to describe this track from ‘Hang Out: Hiphopplaya Compilation Album 2021’, it would have to be “bewitching”. It is an eccentric blend, a potion, of attractive high notes and a really intriguing instrumentation of reverberating beats, ambient water-related sonics, and wacky-but-catchy ad-libs. The song also reminds the listener of an American old-school hiphop track; just one that has gotten a newtro power boost. 

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4. oceanfromtheblue (ft. SOLE) – icy girl

The pleasant tranquility and the subtle bubbling of joy, are the feelings conveyed to the listener by the special synergy of SOLE and oceanfromtheblue. These amazing R&B artists bring together their musical sensibilities and thoughts, to create a feel-good ambiant space, using a lyrical melody line and a neo-soul-inspired vocalization. This pre-release single from oceanfromtheblue’s upcoming EP album hence heightens the expectations and anticipations for the EP’s release. 

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5. BIGONE (ft. Jayci Yucca) (prod. PATEKO) – EVERY NIGHT

The single starts with a powerful, attention-grabbing electric guitar strumming and has the drums and the whole band instrumentation kick in soon after. This, combined with the rich rockstar vocals by BIGONE, lend the track a youthful and infectious energy that keeps the listener hooked until the very end. BIGONE sings of the lonely solitude of nights where he separated from his lover. The supporting music video shot by HIIJACKERS FILM, brings to life this emotional and charged ambiance, making the track even more delightful to hear.

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6. A-LIVE, motto (ft. Quinsha) – No Vanilla

A groovy track that mixes in gritty rap verses, sweet-toned vocals, some very catchy ad-libs, and a fascinating instrumentation, ‘No Vanilla’ is like a K-Pop flavored R&B/HipHop song. It carries a beautiful feeling of being free-flowing like water while packing the energy of a cool and laid-back dance routine. The excellent blend of the 3 artists’ talents and musical sensibilities is what makes all of this possible, and leaves the listeners wishing for more collaborations between the trio in the future as well.

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7. soowoo (ft. dori) – what is on your mind

A low tempo track with melodic guitar strumming and all-pervading feel-good beats, ‘what is on your mind’ is the perfect song to add to your late-night/evening playlist. Simply questioning his beloved of what is on her mind at the moment, Soowoo’s lyrics still manage to carry a natural beauty to them. The wispy-enriching notes of his vocals also make the song, the pleasant listen that it is!

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8. DAKSHOOD, TOMMY YANG (ft. Dbo & Low Gang) – The Race 777 

Representative song from their 10-tracked album, ‘The Race 777’, this track kicks off with an instrumentation that heightens the suspenseful tension and makes the listeners’ ears perk up instantly. What follows this, is a subdued-yet-fiery tempo and rap verses, the kind that you can’t help but bounce along too. The music video with its street, gangsta-life visuals also adds to the unique appeal of ‘The Race 777’ .

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Which track was your favorite from the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B tracklist? Let us know in the comments below.
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