After having a mind-blowing kickstart by October comebacks, November is all set to make this fall an exciting season. This week unveiled the dreamy comeback of B.I from iKON, reviving collab of pH-1 and Kim SungJae, and had many more refreshing releases from artists like NIve, homezone and many more!

Let’s dive into this week’s streaming guide!

Latest Korean Hip-Hop and K-R&B songs:


B.I is back with his new ‘half album’ titled ‘COSMOS’ and released a music video for its lead single of the same name. In the MV, B.I go about his day in a utopia-like city, where he commonly comes across different kinds of love, which transports him to unrealistic worlds. This track was composed by B.I, SIHWANG, and MILLENNIUM, while the lyrics were gracefully written by B.I. Here hip-hop remains the base for the song, it gets along a melodic through-line that lends it a light touch. Backing vocals in the chorus are well-aligned with a tint of synth, giving the track a spacey and choir-like appeal. This approach expands during its climax, which swells with an alt-rock chant that feels cinematic in the best way.

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2. homezone- PICTURE

homezone released Manchild, his first mini-album, and a music video for its title track PICTURE on 9th November. In keeping with its title, this project is about growing but staying a child at heart and wanting to go back to those simpler times. PICTURE is a nice RnB track tinged with Pop/Ballade influences. The MV stars the singer himself and opens in his empty house where he is re-introspecting things and then progressively moves forward in the streets of a busy city reciting his sorrow throughout the video.

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3. NIve – party without u

On account of his third anniversary since his debut with “Getaway,” singer-songwriter NIve released his new single, “party without u” on 9th November. Embodying a hybrid of emotions ranging from sadness, loneliness, and regret, the funky pop track is the 28-year-old artist’s first all-English single since his 2019 single, “Tired.”  In the music video, the singer can be seen sitting alone in an empty party room. Now the question comes, how come a party room is empty? Here the beautifully written lyrics come into the scene that explains the singer’s emotions, how he feels empty without his lover. NIve explains that life is a party and the party stops for no one, but he doesn’t want a party without the love of his life, he says,” I’m so sorry I’m a mess/ Let’s just go back home tonight / We don’t have to fake a perfect love/ I just wanna give us one more chance /Oh this party still goes on/ And I still need you by my side/ ‘Cuz I know that I can’t let you go I don’t want a party without you

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4. pH1, Kim SungJae- As I Told You

It’s a tribute to Kim SungJae who was known as a solo artist & as a member of the duo DEUX( A groundbreaker of not only K-pop but also K-hip-hop music.). As I Told You was the title track of his debut solo album released in November 1995. This project was initiated by London Storm but couldn’t do so as Kim SungJae passed away. The remake still retains the original hook and verse by Kim Sugnjae. Release on the 11th of November 1995, this song become an instant hit when released and has still been listened to even 16 years since.DEUX & Kim Sunjae popularize the style of music that become an inspiration for generations to follow. Every single year, lots of artist goes to Kim Sungjae grave to give their respect.

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5. Mirani – Lambo! (ft. UNEDUCATED KID) (Prod. BOYCOLD)

Released on Thursday, Mirani’s ‘Lambo!’ features UNEDUCATED KID was an explosive track. Even superstar rapper Jay Park commented on their music video, so imagine how dope can this song be! Amazing visuals with superb upbeat track makes it a perfect combo.

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6. KalRePa- YaYa(Prod. KalPa & Reo)


Trio KalRePa released GO KalRePa, their first joint EP. KalRePa stands for Kalpa, Reo & PATEK, the three members of the group. They went to the same school and became friends thx to their shared passion for Hip-Hop. Thanks to their passion, we got this amazing music source. YaYa is a very lively and mood uplifting song that can instantly bring you on toes and dance along with it.

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CHANGMO’s ‘MORAESIGYE’ (aka Sandglass) is the title track from his latest album ‘Underground Rockstar’. The music video has a lavish set-up and has a mysterious, royal and classy vibe. It’s Disney movie like opening can catch your attention but its smooth melody will attach you till the very. It looks like a short that has love, action, mystery all in all a full package. Intelligent lyrics are also something that you cannot ignore,


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Composed by TOIL and ASH ISLAND, POISON is the OST for crime thriller K Drama ‘Crime Puzzle’. The track has a powerful beat and includes narrative lyrics, further enhancing viewers’ immersion into the drama. ASH ISLAND’s trademark rap skills are the main highlight of this track.

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So what’s your favorite song from this week’s latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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