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K-R&B dominated the charts last week with releases like jeebanoff‘s I Mean I Mean, Seori’s The Long Night, to name a few. There was something in store for the fans of K-HipHop as well with a multi-artist collaboration like Big Naughty‘s  Turn Up!. Fans of rock metal were not disappointed either with a new group XIDENT in town! Let’s take a look at the latest K-HipHop and K-R&B releases from the past week!

Please note: Some songs are not yet available on Spotify or iTunes India yet. 

Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs

jeebanoff – I MEAN I MEAN

I Mean I Mean by jeebanoff is a perfect Soul genre track to unwind to after a long day at work. The temporal beats in the song add to the rising emotion in the chorus. Jeebanoff does a splendid job once again, as he eases into the genre with his soulful vocals.

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OuiOui – D.D.

Speaking about digital detox, the R&B duo OuiOui present a pleasing listen with D.D. The lazy piano beats, matched with the duo’s cheerful vocals, makes the song a must-have on a travel playlist!

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Peggy Gou – Nabi (ft. OHHYUK)

DJ Peggy Gou is back with yet another trance like track for the electro-trance music enthusiast. With retro-game themed music, and hazy vocals, Nabi is a track to listen to when you want to get lost in the music and not come back. Ohhyuk makes a guest feature on the track and adds a nice touch to the song.

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Junhee [K-TIGERS ZERO] – Lounge (ft. twlv)

Junhee made his solo comeback with Lounge, a smooth hip-hop track with trap beats. Twlv’s rap weaves in and out of the track complimenting the transition from Junhee’s vocals to his own rap. The song takes place in a lounge, just like its title.

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BIG Naughty – Turn Up! (Feat. M1NU, Veinyfl, Swervy, Layone, Lee Young Ji, Lil Nekh, D.Ark)

A multi-collaboration track from Big Naughty, Turn Up! is the longest track on this list. With just a little over 7 minutes’ time, the track keeps the listeners wanting for more. Each artist brings their own rapping flair to the track, making it a memorable listen.

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Doojoon x GREE – Bad Spring (봄이 가져가서)

Yoon Doo Joon of HIGHLIGHT collaborated with GREE for this soft and mellow track Bad Spring. This is the first time the two of them are working together, and they did an amazing job. Bad Spring is a soothing number that falls in the soul genre. Listening to this track will definitely lighten your soul!

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Sura – Wake Up

Wake Up is an electronic dance-pop number from DJ Sura. The song, which is completely sung in English,  also showcases the confluence of EDM and K-Pop genres smoothly. Wake Up sports a catchy chorus and the melody will get you grooving from the moment the song starts!

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Touted as South Korea’s first live metal group, XIDENT made their debut in February 2021. The trio of girls showcases stellar talent with their latest self-titled rock metal track XIDENT. Infused with gothic elements, the live metal group creates a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere with the track.

Since there is no music video for the song, only Bandcamp and Spotify link is available as of now.


A track that speaks about the love that is now absent, Radio (will sing our song) from from20, will remind you of the track you shared with your partner. The electro music-infused beats set a retro mood to the song. The music video also reflects this retro mood with a couple dressed in outfits from the yesteryears.

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Seori – The Long Night (ft. Giriboy)

Seori’s latest song The Long Night is a lazy, hazy song. Giriboy brings back his rapping charm in the track. The soulfulness of the song is highlighted by the acoustic guitar that sets the tone just right.

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Which of these latest K-HipHop and K-R&B tracks is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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Nandini Iyengar

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