Weekly K-Pop Comeback

It’s time to unravel the fall vibes with this segment of weekly K-Pop comeback review. This week was an emotional ride with releases like Rothy’s ‘COLD LOVE’ and a week of empowerment with TRI.BE’s ‘Would You Run’. Let’s quickly take you through the weekly K-Pop comeback songs from the second week of October!

[Some songs are not yet available on Spotify India or iTunes India.] 

Weekly K-Pop Comeback Review

Airman – Can’t it be forever (ft. 1ho & 0back)

Fresh off the indie boat is “Can’t it be forever” by Airmusic labelmates, Airman, 1ho, and 0back. The emotional ballad piece is served on a light piano melody with wispy vocal tones, beckoning for a lover who has already left. With a peaceful music video, the song serves as a pre-release for Airman’s upcoming second full-length album after two years.

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Raiden – Love Right Back (ft. TAEIL [NCT] & lIlBOI)

DJ guitarist Raiden is here with his first EP ‘Love Right Back‘ that features a plethora of talented artists like (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon, WayV’s Xiaojun, pH-1, Weki Meki’s CHOI YOOJUNG, and American artist Nico Lucarelli. The title track with the same name features NCT’s TAEIL and rapper lIlBOI on Raiden’s light-hearted keys and notes and poised beats on a bold undertone. TAEIL’s calm and laidback voice drives the pleasant chorus along with lIlBOI’s rap verse that brings up the energy of the track. The song takes a playful route from a breakup with good vibes for the future with a misty video in a theatrical setting.

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Jessi – Cold Blooded

Jessi drops her brand new single “Cold Blooded” in collaboration with Mnet’s reality survival show Street Woman Fighter. All the six dance crews go hard in the powerful music video which matches the laidback yet rugged vibe of the song. Being the dynamic artist she is, Jessi experiments with various genres like Trap, Moombahton, Dubstep, and Neurobass, mixing them with modern Hip-hop. She also exudes her influential aura with her vocals and the rap bars that she wrote. Although the song has an interesting hook and lyrics, it is not recommended for minors.

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TRI.BE – Would You Run

Rookie girl group TRI.BE has released their first EP ‘VENI VIDI VICI‘ that is made up of seven songs including their previous singles “DOOM DOOM TA” and “RUB-A-DUM” and the title track “Would You Run“. The title track is completely influenced by Latin Moombahton. The song finds itself away from the intrepid beats during the chorus where the instrumentation gives way for the girls’ vocals to shine. The song portrays the strong determination TRI.BE has to continue reaching new heights and achieve their dreams.

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ENHYPEN – Tamed-Dashed

Super rookies ENHYPEN are back with their first studio album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA‘, comprising 8 tracks, also featuring TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s YEONJUN in one of them. The title track ‘Tamed-Dashed‘ is a nostalgic summer Rock-Pop tinged with electro bass, in tune with their youthful energy. The septet sing about the dilemma of whether to be tamed or give in to their desires and dash away. Contrary to the group’s previous releases, the video radiates adolescent vibes.

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Solo singer Rothy has dropped a brand new single ‘COLD LOVE‘, a Pop Ballad that beautifully elucidates a cold rift in a relationship, where the lovers are slowly estranged. Her voice elegantly embodies the song over a soft guitar melody. The music video complements the song with an equally aesthetic visual storytelling.

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Eric Nam – I Don’t Know You Anymore

Korean-American artist Eric Nam has released his first single as an independent artist. ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore‘ is his attempt to bring a new soundscape to his discography with Southern influences. The song borders on the Emo Punk-Rock and Synthpop where he sings of a toxic lover but now he’s over them and the detestable feelings he harbored. The music video also has the Georgian touch where he impressively introduces us to a new side of him.

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Stella Jang – Let’s Go Home

Indie artist Stella Jang is here with her new EP ‘Stairs’, a mini-album full of pleasant sounds. ‘Let’s Go Home‘ is one of the tracks from the EP that compels the listeners to take a break from their busy schedules, just for themselves. Go home and take care of yourself. Her soulful voice along with the lush acoustic resonances bring a calming effect, a must-listen during your commute back home after a hectic day.

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SURAN – Stay Alive {High Class}

Singer-songwriter SURAN lends her unique voice for the 4th OST for the K-Drama ‘High Class’. ‘Stay Alive‘ is an empowering cry to stay strong and fight in distressed circumstances, much in tune with the drama’s storyline. SURAN sings over steady beats joined by bass and synthesizers during the chorus which heightens the suspense of the mysterious plot.

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MeloMance – Our Story {Yumi’s Cells}

Indie duo MeloMance sings the 8th OST for the K-Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells‘, ‘Our Story‘. The song is a soft ballad that takes us through the jubilant feelings of someone who has recently found love. The euphonic melody is led by the violin, underlined by the piano. The duo gently unravels the perceptions of love, as the characters in the drama feel the same for each other.

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CHUNG HA – Someday {One The Woman}

‘Someday’ is the 3rd OST for the K-Drama ‘One The Woman‘ sung by the famed soloist CHUNG HA. The poetic lyrics are a hopeful affirmation to achieve the things that are deserved but not yet attained, portraying the wishes of the drama’s main character. The song is a downy ballad that is alluringly performed in CHUNG HA’s charming voice.

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Dvwn – I’m in Paris {Yumi’s Cells}

I’m in Paris” is an endearing track, suited for the K-Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells‘. The song is a compilation of all the little things that are reminiscent of a lover, all the small notes that make the singer Dvwn swoon. The song brings out the tentative emotions of the characters rightfully so as the song is built upon a debonair melody, giving the imagery of the mid-afternoon Parisian streets.

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SUNMI – Go or Stop

K-Pop veteran SUNMI has released a new single ‘Go or Stop‘  in collaboration with reigning League of Legends world champions DWG KIA. The song and the music video are inspired by the elements of the game. The track has all the dominant features of EDM and SUNMI’s firm vocals that propel the song forward as a thorough dance track.

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Which song is your favorite from this weekly K-Pop comeback songs guide? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!