Weekly Comeback Guide

We are already in the second week of September, and there is a bundle full of fantastic and slaying new K-Pop songs! Only time will tell what new surprises are in store for us in the coming days of this month. So, till then, explore and enjoy the songs below!


Latest K-Pop Songs:

[Some songs are not yet available on Spotify India or iTunes India.]


NCT 127 – Sticker

NCT 127, the subgroup of NCT released their much-anticipated 3rd album “STICKER” with the title track ‘Sticker’. The song features an off-beat structure, a strong flute bass, and goosebump-inducing high notes, yet its experimental tone is praised by one-half of fans and condemned by the others. Still, the fact that ‘Sticker’ sold over two million copies just one day before the comeback demonstrates the fans’ unwavering faith in the band and their versatility.

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ATEEZ – Deja Vu

ATEEZ made a comeback with their fan-picked ‘Deja vu’ as the title track for their latest album “ZERO: FEVER Part.3”. The boy band is mostly known for their high-energy, bombastic lead singles, but on ‘Deja Vu,’ they changed the course to deliver a slow, pop, and R&B mix. The music video is dark and sultry, with members of ATEEZ stepping into the characters to demonstrate their incredible dancing skills and images that depict the song’s lyrics. Themes of dreams, time, and reality, which are essential parts of ATEEZ’s fictitious plot, are continued through references to the octet’s previous music videos.

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Mamamoo – Mumumumuch

Mamamoo has released “I SAY MAMAMOO: THE BEST,” a special compilation album that includes new versions of famous Mamamoo songs as well as remixed tracks with fresh arrangements. The enchanting dance-pop title track ‘Mumumumuch,’ co-written by Moonbyul, portrays Mamamoo’s lighthearted side as the group unwinds and engages in enjoyable activities in the MV. The song reflects the members’ appreciation and affection for their fans, underlining how important they are to Mamamoo’s success.

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WONHO – Blue

WONHO uses the release of his third mini-album, “Blue Letter,” to give the color ‘blue’ a new and uplifting connotation, rather than the traditional, overused meaning of melancholy, depression, and so on. His voice easily maintains a smooth tune on the album’s title track, ‘Blue’ and the music is uplifting and playful with the added bell in the background. The choreography and cinematography of the music video perfectly match the essence of the song that one will gaze at their screens!

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Jamie (ft. JMIN) – No Numbers

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of her original song ‘Numbers’, Jamie released another version of it with the song called ‘No Numbers’. The song is in English and features H1GHER MUSIC’s freshly debuted rapper JMIN. With JMIN’s smooth rapping skills, this all-time jam becomes even more delightful, and you’ll find yourself listening to it over and over again!

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 Jeonghan – Dream

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan has amazed his fans by releasing a brand-new solo single called ‘Dream.’ He wrote and composed the digital song, which is also his first-ever solo release and is accessible in Korean and Japanese. Instead of the hip-hop and EDM sounds-filled instrumental that serves as a trademark in most of the SEVENTEEN’s songs, Jeonghan chooses a peaceful acoustic arrangement to accompany him through the exquisite lyrics of the song.


Yang Dail – YOU & I {Lovers of the Red Sky OST }

This is the drama’s third OST, with Baekhyun and Solar singing the 1st and 2nd parts, respectively. The 3rd part is sung by Yang Dail, who is recognized for the voice behind numerous beautiful OSTs for well-known dramas. ‘YOU & I’ is one of them, and Yang Dail did an excellent job of capturing the emotions and tribulations of the leads’ relationship. Listening to all of the lovely OSTs till now makes one want to start watching this drama right away!

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Yoonmirae – It’s My Life {Hospital Playlist 2 OST}

‘It’s My Life’ is the cover of the veteran rock band Bon Jovi’s song sung by Yoonmirae. It’s one of the final OSTs for the season 2 finale of today’s most popular and loved drama, “Hospital Playlist.” This song is a great match for the drama’s plot, with Yoonmirae’s beautiful vocals pouring through to convey the feelings.

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Jeon Sang Keun – Natural Sorrow

With his latest single album, “Natural Sorrow,” Jeon Sang Keun has made a comeback. Jeon Sang Keun expresses the melancholy sensation of loneliness that comes with the transition from adolescence to adulthood in this song. His delicate and beautiful voice, along with a simple music video in which he sits by a bus window, sadly singing, make you feel the sorrow clearly and deeply.

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UNC (ft.E:Dan) – WinSome

UNC, a girl group duo comprising of Nam Minjeong (ex-member of LIPBUBBLE) and Choi Jisun (ex-member of A-Daily), debuted with their single album “WinSome.” The song has a contemporary combination of EDM and the re-emerging genres of hip-hop and RnB, as well as a blend of the duo’s beautiful vocals and E:Dan’s catchy rap verse. The MV features the girls’ stunning visuals and dance as they deliver the song’s beautiful lyrics.

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