Weekly K-Pop Comeback Review + Streaming Guide

The week delivered some of the much-awaited and highly-anticipated releases like GOT7’s BamBam and Yugyeom’s solo debut with ribbon and All Your Fault respectively. The week also some fluffy tracks like Happy Now by Chaekyung of APRIL. Luli Lee released the hauntingly beautiful track Howl. The bands LUCY and ONEWE spun their magic once again with their latest comebacks. K-Drama world too had some soothing and some heartbreaking melodies for those who seek solace in OSTs. Let’s take a look at the latest K-Pop songs.

Please note: Some songs might not be available on Spotify or iTunes India yet.

Latest K-Pop Songs

Up10tion – SPIN OFF

Up10tion delivered an energetic performance with Spin Off. The group’s come back refreshes one’s memory for why the group is so well-known. Spin Off’s chorus is tinted with electro-synth music and the track is bound to entice those who like pop music infused with rap.

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Luli Lee – Howl

Luli Lee’s Howl is a hauntingly beautiful funk-pop number. Her breathy vocals in the initial verses and the smooth transition to a more open vocal makes the song a fun dance number. The retro disco vibes are not lost on those who like the genre.

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BamBam [GOT7] – riBBon

A music video that reflects Bambam’s spunky personality, and a song that is a thank you note and a promise of something new – these words sum up BamBam’s debut solo song ribbon. The Thai vocalist and rapper has shown his versatility in singing a song that is so full of cheer and buoyant vocals.

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ONEWE – Rain To Be

ONEWE made a smashing comeback with Rain To Be. The group showed exceptional vocal and musical capacities with yet another brilliant track. The rock band is known for its hit End of Spring but it seems like Rain To Be is set to be the next favourite. The guitar riffs, clubbed with the drum set create a melodious harmony.

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LUCY – I Got U

The quartet known for its R&B genre songs is back with yet another melodious offering. The harmonization and rising vocals in the chorus set the stage for an amazing musical dance break in the song. I GOT U is a track to sing and dance to when a lazy weekend is waiting ahead for us.

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Brave Girls – Chi Mat Ba Ram

The Rolling Rolling hitmakers opted for a summer theme comeback. Chi Mat Ba Ram is a funky dance number. The chorus doesn’t disappoint with its upbeat dance music. The quartet showcases its bubble gum pop vocal capabilities in Chi Mat Ba Ram.

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Serri [DAL SHABET] – MyMy Love

If you are looking for a retro romantic dance number, then look no further. Dal Shabet’s Serri has just the track for you. MyMy Love is a disco pop number and Serri’s vocal blend seamlessly with the music. Her quirky vocals add a touch of an innocent yet exciting feeling in the song.

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Yugyeom [GOT7] – All your fault ft. GRAY

All Your Fault is Yugyeom’s solo debut song from his EP Point of View: U. The maknae of GOT7 showed that he knows the R&B genre in and out. GRAY’s guest feature in the song adds a fresh touch to the song. The song is a sensual listen, and Yugyeom’s vocals add to the feel of the song.

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Seventeen – Ready to love

Seventeen’s latest comeback is everything one can expect from the group’s song. Ready to Love is an upbeat, and rapid track. The vocal and rap units showcase a brilliant back and forth in the verses. The song is a dance number through and through. If you’re planning to run away to a vacation or an exotic location, then please go ahead and use this track to highlight your journey.

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SHAX (Imitation K-Drama) – AMEN

SHAX has delivered a powerful performance time and again and this time they deliver an equally brilliant performance. The group which features in the K-Drama Imitation performed a dark themed hip-hop track. AMEN features a constant back and forth between vocals, rap verses and adlibs. The music is electro and synth-based that suits the image of the group.

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Huh Gak – Under The Lonely Sky (Undercover OST PT. )

The title of the song is hint enough to guess what genre the song will be. Huh Gak’s melodious vocals reflect the melancholic and sad feelings in the lyrics. The soundtrack compliments the scenes in the drama, and the minimal instruments elevate the emotions portrayed in the drama.

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Davichi – All of My Love (Doom at your service OST Pt. 5)

A soothing romantic melody, pictured on cosy and happy visuals is a perfect way to unwind for the weekend. The ballad is further elevated with Davichi’s smoothly blended vocals. The guitar and piano in the background highlight the emotion of love.

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Youngjae [GOT7] – So Not Worth It (Netflix So Not Worth It OST)

For a sitcom that is full of spontaneous energy and laughter, Youngjae’s song So Not Worth It serves as a perfect opening track. The track also gives a hint into what one can expect from the show. The song is further highlighted by Youngjae’s sweet vocals that a much needed spunk.

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