K-Pop Comeback Review

The previous edition of the Weekly K-Pop Comeback Review was as diverse as possible from legendary idols like TVXQ’s Changmin, H.O.T’s Kangta and Hyolyn to currently popular groups like Enhypen and Mirae experimenting with new sounds. As for this week, we had a rush of comebacks enjoying funky and retro sounds from special releases by AB6IX and fromis_9 to debuts from IZ*ONE’s Yena, GFriend’s Yuju, and Astro’s JinJin & Rocky.


Latest K-Pop Songs:

Drippin – Villain

The rookie boy group is back with their third mini-album ‘Villain’ and the title track of the same name. The groovy song has an addictive melody that will make you move from the very first second. Full of electric bass and funky beats in the electronic dance song, the boy group sing about going all out to fulfill their dreams even if it means they are seen as villains. And like the title name, the music video has a fun action theme with Drippin channeling their inner bad boys.

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AB6IX – 1, 2, 3

Following back-to-back comebacks in 2021, AB6IX have decided to gift fans with the special self-produced album ‘Complete With You’. The title track ‘1, 2, 3’ is made by none other than Daehwi and is an upbeat pop song with cheery beats. The energetic track is for fans as they ‘complete’ AB6IX. With an old-school vibe, the music video is similarly fun and laidback as the boys enjoy themselves.

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fromis_9 – DM

‘DM’ is the girl group’s best-seller yet and for good reason. Continuing the retro-city girl concept from ‘Talk & Talk’, the vibrant ‘DM’ music video complements the disco-pop song with electric sounds and percussions. The strong beat drop full of synths and Hayoung’s high note is the highlight as the girls sing about falling in love so that nothing else matters.

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – Can’t Control Myself

We see a new side of Taeyeon, quite different from her 2021 summer bop ‘Weekend’ as the Girls’ Generation leader takes a dark and melancholic route, singing about a love that she can’t seem to forget however hard she tries. The punk ballad has a meta but angsty music video that shows off her acting chops as she is stuck with a toxic partner who she cannot help but love.

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JinJin&Rocky – Just Breath

The new sub-unit of Astro takes a comical route with the song, as well as the music video of ‘Just Breath’. Like JinJin and Rocky’s happy-go-lucky personalities, the track is full of energy with a funky arrangement and electric guitar sounds. And as rappers of the group, they take us by surprise and prove they’re all-rounders as they sing about taking it easy but never giving up with a memorable music video and easy-going choreography.

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Yena ft. BIBI – Smiley 

Just like Choi Yena’s bubbly personality, her solo debut is peppy and campy with an upbeat pop song that is bound to make any listener smile. The bubblegum pop song borrows from the pop anthems of the early 2000s with the message of laughter being the best medicine as Yena turns into a superhero whose superpower makes everyone happy. The catchy hook and echoing pre-chorus do their best to shine as the bubbly Yena has the time of her life in ‘Smiley’.

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Victon – Chronograph

Victon takes a retro route for the techno-pop ‘Chronograph’. The boys experiment with the tempo as we shift from the upbeat first half to Hanse’s signature rap flow to a climax that builds during the bridge. With a groovy arrangement, elaborate cyber-core music video and strong performance, Victon sing about a love that keeps getting stronger every minute.

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GOT7’s Bambam – Slow Mo

Having established his color as a solo artist, the GOT7 star experiments with R&B-pop arrangements, synth samplers and hip hop sounds. If ‘riBBon’ showed his fun, 4D side, ‘Slow Mo’ takes it slow as the laid-back single gives us a more mature but still vibrant side of him. In a dreamy and stylish music video, full of aesthetics that scream Bambam, we get the Thai-born idol comparing being in love to seeing the world in slow motion.

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Yuju – Play

As the first GFriend member to go solo, expectations were high and she did not disappoint as she sings about an ex she cannot live without. ‘Play’ begins with a strong arrangement full of traditional Korean instruments and heavy bass. Yuju gives us a hypnotic take on an R&B pop song. The haunting string instruments in the post-chorus elevated by the silhouette dancing in the music video will make the listener want to watch ‘Play’ again just for the mesmerizing Yuju.

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Mamamoo’s Moonbyul – Lunatic

Moonbyul always goes out for her solo concepts and ‘Lunatic’ is no different as she disguises an overdue breakup to a lunatic trying to escape an asylum. The techno-pop song has a peppy arrangement full of synths and a heavy beat drop in the pre-chorus and chorus that also allows the Mamamoo rapper to show off her adorable side in the music video. As for ‘Street Woman Fighter’ fans, we have the dance crew HOOK in hilarious roles of the asylum staff that Moonbyul tries to escape from.

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GOT7’s Mark Tuan – My Life

This seems to be GOT7’s week from their OT7 live to Bambam and Mark’s solo releases. We now have the oldest member branching out of K-pop having signed with CAA and settled back in his hometown in LA. Like his previous pre-release which was angsty, ‘My Life’ is a sequel of sorts of ‘Last Breath’ as he sings about reclaiming his life since we all only have one life to live. A dark and moody music video accompanies the soft R&B song that lets the rapper’s soothing vocals shine.

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