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It’s time for your weekly K-Pop comeback reviews! This week we’re focusing on the soft, emotional sounds of autumn with BEN‘s ‘Come and Talk‘ and the upbeat grooves of SEVENTEEN‘s ‘Rock With You‘. So sit back and enjoy the delicate melodies of different kinds of love as we enter the spooky week next to bring you more weekly K-Pop comeback reviews.

[Some songs are not yet available on Spotify India or iTunes India.]

Latest K-Pop Songs

DAVICHI – First Loss

Ballad queens DAVICHI return with a digital single, First Loss, but a more suitable interpretation for the song would be ‘My first love‘ for a song so mellow and poetic that is dedicated to the good memories and the sweet yet regretful reminiscence of one’s first love. Being true to Davichi’s vogue, the song thrives over genial acoustics. The music video features a couple, from the patient beginning of their relationship to the resentful end.

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IU – strawberry moon

K-Pop queen IU made a smashing comeback with her new single ‘strawberry moon‘ that instantly took over everyone’s heart. The rosy, saccharine music video features K-Drama actor Lee Jong-Won as her romantic interest as they embark on their intergalactic, fantastical date. The song gently delves into the pleasant moments spent with a loved one. It sounds like a song from the early 00s, with ostentations of piano, enhanced by her weightless vocals and a dynamic key change at the last chorus.

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CNBLUE – Love Cut

Pop Rock band CNBLUE return back together after their mandatory military enlistment with a new Korean EP ‘WANTED’. The title track ‘Love Cut‘ presents the trio as handsome cowboys who are trying to escape the toxic clutches of their lovers in a suave manner. Taking influences from the midwest, the song follows the iconic guitars and whistles that gradually develop into a more bassy sound. Complete with Lee Yong-Hwa‘s vocals, the song is a pleasant head-bopper.

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BEN – Come & Talk

Soloist BEN has returned with a new retro-inspired single ‘Come and Talk‘. The song trails over the message to let go of trivial worries and just share your feelings with someone. The track features synth piano with a saxophone on passive bass beats, laden with that slow 80s vibes underneath BEN’s compelling honeyed voice.

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KINGDOM – Black Crown

Rookie boy group KINGDOM has released the third installment of their ‘History of Kingdom‘, Part III: Ivan, focusing on Slavic history, and the title track ‘Black Crown‘ takes inspiration from it. Focusing on loud orchestration and Gregorian chants, the song is similar to their previous title tracks that tell the story of a king rising back after a defeat and moving forward to achieve glory.

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SEVENTEEN – Rock with you

Global K-Pop artists SEVENTEEN are back again with a new EP ‘Attacca‘. The title track ‘Rock With You’ features a Pop-Punk sound with dynamic vocal execution by all the 13 members of the group. The song is a vow that is addressed to the fans, staying together till the end of time. Even though the song delivers heartfelt lyrics penned by the members, the song is full of upbeat energy. The music video also dispenses a charismatic choreography by the group in aesthetic settings.

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KLANG – U Hoo Hoo {Dali and Cocky Prince}

Indie artist KLANG lends her angelic voice for the K-Drama Cocky and Dali Prince‘s 6th OST, ‘U Hoo Hoo‘. The English track is a gentle ode to a lover, a reassurance for their blissful relationship. The tender acoustic melody uses the symphonies of the piano underneath KLANG’s euphonic voice to portray the delicate emotions of the characters on screen.

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CHEEZE – Our Blue {Back to You}

Naver Webtoon’s webcomic ‘Back To You‘ gets a heartwarming OST ‘Our Blue‘ by the K-Pop soloist CHEEZE. The track takes you back to the warm summers when the weather is getting brisk, with sweet, giddy harmonies. The song captures the beauty of blossoming love in the charm of the mild summer as CHEEZE’s vocals gracefully lead it forward.

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Sunwoojunga – Timing {Yumi’s Cells}

Musician Sunwoojunga sings the 11th OST for the K-Drama ‘Yumi’s Cells‘, ‘Timing’ that talks about mending a fragmented relationship and reverting back to the comfortable times of happiness that is found while being together. It’s a slow acoustic Pop-Ballad in tune with the drama’s current storyline through Sunwoojunga’s calming voice.

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Ahn Ye Eun – Forgetting is not enough (feat. Kim Mija) {Yujin and Yujin}

Soloist Ahn Ye Eun sings a sentimental ballad, ‘Forgetting is not enough‘ with her mother Kim Mija for the webcomic ‘Yujin and Yujin‘. The song is a letter to each other from each other, a mother and a daughter, their unsaid feelings, apologies and thank yous. Both sublimely let out their words over subtle tunes of a piano, signifying the beauty of the most gentle and pure relationship between a mother and a child.

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Gummy – Regret

As a part of the ‘Emotions’ project through C-Jes Entertainment and its artists, Gummy sings the first song of the project ‘Regret’, a song that bids farewell to the remaining affections one has regarding someone’s first love and welcomes the distance between the two. A quiet song adorned with the melody of piano and Gummy’s celebrated voice is a pleasant ballad to recollect about.

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