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Merry Christmas to all our KHIGH fam! This edition of Weekly K-Pop Comeback reviews celebrates the festive spirit of Christmas, the warm yet frosty season of winter, and the cheerful snowy holidays; with special releases from our favorite K-Pop artists. This week’s releases are enough to create your holiday season playlist, full of love and happiness. Let’s enjoy this festive season with this Christmas edition of Weekly K-Pop Comeback reviews!

[A few songs are not available on iTunes or Spotify.] Wee

kly K-Pop Comeback Weekly K-Pop Comeback Weekly K-Pop Comeback


Artists under Beat Interactive label – Boy group A.C.E, ex-G.O.D‘s Son Ho-Young (SHY), and vocal quartet Forestella, join hands for a delightful Christmas single, ‘Christmas Time‘. If you have proclivities for vocals and their ranges and tones, then this song is an absolute feast for your ears, sung by strong and adept vocalists. In a warm and cozy music video, these talented singers celebrate Christmas together, singing about the love, miracles, and memories the festival brings for everyone. The song remains upbeat using buoyant percussion, ringing with the Christmas bells.

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MINHO – Heartbreak

SHINee‘s Minho releases a much-expected solo single ‘Heartbreak‘, coming two years after his last SM Station solo release. It’s gratifying to see all the SHINee members find their unique music tastes in their solos as Minho finds his own with this track – a dark, moody, definitive contemporary R&B that includes tinges of synthwave. The music video is a close call to the ’99s The Matrix, adapting similar cyberpunk hues. Minho, as always, is a treat to the eyes, playing dual identities, singing about a fickle lover who he desires regardless.

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Hyolyn – A-Ha

Hyolyn signs off from this year’s activities with her first Christmas single, ‘A-Ha‘, an enjoyable festive summer party number full of New Jack Swing and vivid vibes of disco-funk. The song expresses the want to let all her true feelings out to her crush, as she feels frustrated with all the emotions pent up inside her. Such a colorful track is also matched up with an equally vibrant and peppy music video where Hyolyn dances her heart out with her friends.

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MAKTUB – Moon Inside Thee

Soloist Maktub releases his new single album ‘Red Moon: Contact‘, inclusive of two songs and ‘Moon Inside Thee‘ as the title track. The song is a Soul ballad, built on acoustics from a fervent piano and a wistful violin. The song is sung to a lover, perceived as the ever-shining moon. The singer wants to touch them but the distance between them hinders them to be together. Maktub shows his immaculate vocal range, hitting low extended notes with ease.

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U Sung Eun – Like Tonight

Singer U Sung Eun, known for her K-Drama soundtracks, enjoys herself in the purple hues of moonlight on a bright night in her latest single, ‘Like Tonight‘. Bringing Disco vibes that groove on dance-pop and R&B tunes, this track lays down the perfect mood for those late-night drives, enjoying with friends, or losing yourself to the psychedelic rhythm at a party.

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Stella Jang – My Winter Trip

Stella Jang asks her listeners to remember their younger selves in this festive season with her Christmas single ‘My Winter Trip‘. After being coerced into adult life, all of us forget the unblemished excitement that we used to feel for this winter festive season when we were innocent kids. Stella wishes us to reminisce those moments of exhilaration over the soft melodies of a lone piano and a sweet carol bridge.

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Gowoon – On Your Christmas

Fully committing to her solo career, ex-BerryGood‘s Gowoon releases her third single, ‘On Your Christmas‘, an English track, since leaving the group earlier this year. She conveys her desires on how she wants to spend this Christmas with someone she loves. The song is a simple festive cheer that runs over slow piano and percussion, analogous to festive tracks. In an austere, cozy music video, she sings in her mellifluous voice, dreaming of the perfect Christmas day.

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RBW’s active male groups/bands, ONEWE and ONEUS come together for a winter single, ‘STAY‘. This feel-good collaboration single is everything a fan could ask for, a thumping pop rhythm with a mild acoustic tune that urges the listeners to join along. The track asks the listeners to stay with them for a long time to fulfill the promise to love each other wholeheartedly. Both the groups harmonize well with each other and are seen enjoying themselves together, doing various fun activities in a heart-warming music video.

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DK – You’re My Christmas

SEVENTEEN‘s DK gifts his fans a self-composition, ‘You’re My Christmas‘ on this festive season. In the song, he claims the listener’s presence as his gift for this Christmas as he ultimately courts them to be him on the snowy Christmas night. He wishes us Merry Christmas and asks all of us to send warm wishes to our loved ones. The track moves ahead on a slow jazz tempo lined with a tranquil string and piano melody, fitting for a festive song.


Ha Hyunsang – Lighthouse

Hoppipolla‘s Ha Hyunsang releases his new EP, ‘Calibrate‘, and leading the 6-track album, is the title track, ‘Lighthouse‘. Influenced by post-indie rock, the song boasts some heavy bass interludes as the singer wills to wash his sorrows with the waves of the sea, try to smile in difficult circumstances as long as the lighthouse on the shore shines. The music video narrates a similar story as the song, trying to calibrate life back to its okay point.

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KangHyeWon – Winter Poem

KangHyeWon (ex-I*ZONE) releases her first special winter album, ‘W‘ since the disbandment of the group. The title track ‘Winter Poem‘, is an eloquent ballad having a charming waltz note to it, complete with gentle violin and flute; presenting itself as a gift to the fans, straight from a fairytale. She voices the delight of spending time with her loved one. It’s like a dream come true for her, as is seen in the endearing music video where she earnestly prepares and waits for the precious hours they’ll spend together.

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER present their fans with a lovely self-made Christmas single, ‘Sweet Dreams‘. They spend a pleasant day with their loved ones, falling in love slowly with each passing moment, hoping their loved ones have a comfortable and warm night. With Christmas jingles in the background and tempting synths that lead to a romantic chorus, this pop song comes blossoms from the appealing vocals of the members, making hearts sing as you listen to it.


OnlyOneOf – melting snOwman

OnlyOneOf too comes out with a festive single, ‘Melting Snowman‘ under the single album ‘WarmWinterWishes‘ describing the beauty and scenarios the season brings along with it. They indulge in the festivities of Christmas, wishing to keep these moments in their memories for as long as they can. The contemporary R&B song is dripping with saccharine notes and soothing, dulcet vocals from the members who take this opportunity to sing this song together in a warm and inviting setting.

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Huh Gak – Nothing Without You {Nth Romance}

Nth Romance gets another OST, ‘Nothing Without You‘, sung by the ballad singer Huh Gak, where he earnestly hopes his loved one to return to him after spending countless moments where their past memories torment him. The song follows a typical ballad course that becomes lively with Huh Gak’s vocals.

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Kim Na Young – There For You {Our Beloved Summer}

Kim Na Young sings the 4th OST, ‘There For You‘, for the K-Drama, ‘Our Beloved Summer’. Singing a glum ballad on an unrushed acoustic piano, a breeze of the clarinet, and a nostalgic cello, she tells how she keeps a pretense of being okay to not burden the person in front of her, expecting to stay right next to them.

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V – Christmas Tree {Our Beloved Summer}

Led by warm acoustic strums of the guitar, held together with bare keys of the keyboard and synthesizer, BTSV sings the 5th original soundtrack, ‘Christmas Tree‘ for ‘Our Beloved Summer‘. The song is mostly sung in English, just a verse in Korean, but the feelings that he wants to portray are as clear as a sunny day. Through the song, he wants to confess all the reasons for falling in love with the listener, wishing to stay next to them.

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Solar – Winterblooming {School 2021}

Mamamoo‘s Solar lends her stable vocals for the seventh OST, ‘Winterblooming‘, for the drama, ‘School2021‘. The song gives the listener the feels of a budding love that’s on its way to blossom into a beautiful flower. With soft acoustics from the guitar and a lightly thumping percussion, the track accords its listeners with a palliative listening experience.

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Youngjae – Day by Day {Love And Wish}

GOT7‘s Youngjae releases an OST, ‘Day By Day‘, for his self-starring drama ‘Love and Wish‘. Explaining how his love for his significant other grows bigger with every passing day, he lets the listeners know about his true feelings through this song. The pop-ballad seamlessly ropes itself in layers of gorgeous instrumentation and defining vocals, enough to put the listeners in an amorous mood.

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Rothy – ENFP {Back To You}

Let’s get into laid-back, chill themes from Rothy‘s OST. ‘ENFP‘ for the web-comic ‘Back To You‘. The trippy tunes of the track tell how the extroverted singer is smitten with an introverted person and keeps thinking about them, hoping she’ll get to spend time with them. The song is relaxing, with a slow tempo incorporating layered Lo-Fi and R&B.

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OH MY GIRL releases a single, ‘SHARK‘ for the fandom platform Universe. With an onomatopoeia hook very evident in their songs, the song uses newtro party genres to celebrate life and its miracles. The members, as usual, show their unwavering vocals. The full music video for the song will be exclusively available on the Universe app.

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What was your Christmas jingle for the week? Let us know your thoughts on this edition of Weekly K-Pop Comeback reviews!