Latest K-Pop Songs

The past week was once again full of surprises for the K-Pop fans. With Straykids’ mixtape release, to Yezi’s Secreto, the K-Pop industry had a lot in store for fans of each genre. Not only these but The Rose’s Woosung delighted the fans once again with his vivid musical track Lazy. Let’s take a quick look at the latest K-Pop songs releases from the past week!

Latest K-Pop songs

Please note: Some songs might not be yet available on Spotify or iTunes India yet.

Yezi – Secreto

If you want a hazy, dreamy song to listen to, then look no further. Yezi’s Secreto is just the track for you. A soft jazzy track that will make you break into a salsa dance, Secreto is a track that is all about the sensual secrets between a couple. Don’t believe it? Why not have a look at the music video!

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Sam Kim – The Juice

Sam Kim presents a mad, mad picture in the music video for The Juice. The track, which has Korean and English lyrics, is presented with a jazzy funky music that mirrors the tone of a comic action movie. Sam Kim showcases his stellar singing skills once again through smooth transitions between the vocal and rap verses.

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After a visually and musically stunning musical piece like Butterfly Phantasy, ACE made a comeback with SIREN: DAWN. The title track Higher once again delivers a visual treat for the fans. The synth-based beats clubbed with alternating electro music presents an auditory treat. ACE’s vocals are on point and each solo verse proves that the members have aced this comeback once again.

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Woosung – Lazy (ft. Reddy)

A trance like R&B track, Woosung’s Lazy will trap you in its charm from the moment it starts. Woosung’s breathy vocals add that touch of comfort and homely feeling to the track. If you’ve been lazy, just got bored of a monotonous cycle,  and done things at your own pace, then you will definitely relate to Woosung’s Lazy.

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Stray Kids – OH

Stray Kids who are known for their mixtapes as much as their EP and albums, have once again enthralled their fans with a new mixtape OH. This track displays a vibrant shot of vocals and rap, along with energetic music. The vocal and rap verses are blended seamlessly, and overall the track is a perfect auditory pleasure.

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Onestar – Heart of you, Story of you

A melodious collaboration between Onestar and I Wish It Were You, Heart of You, Story of You is a heartwarming romantic track. Shot on a bright, sunny day, the music video echoes the sweet sentiment of the track. Onestar’s vocals are perfect for this track. Don’t be surprised if you find this playing in a café soon!

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