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The May summer was radiant as ever and so were the K-Pop comebacks for the month’s last week. In the assemblage of the latest K-Pop songs released, we had fierce, empowering comebacks like Everglow’s ‘First’, dulcet OSTs that made us ponder over love, like Jeong Sewoon’s ‘Door (Your Moon)’, and other amiable projects that make us excited for the upcoming releases, like SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo and Mingyu featuring Lee Hi on ‘Bittersweet’.

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SHINee – ‘Superstar’

The Princes of K-Pop, SHINee makes a sparkling return to the Japanese music scene after three years! It was only a few months back that the group came back from hiatus this year. Here’s ‘Superstar’, a feel-good, dance number featuring an addictive funky guitar melody that makes you feel nothing less than your own superstar. The song celebrates SHINee’s 10th Anniversary of their debut in Japan and gives a taste of what’s more to come on July 28th when the group releases their full Japanese album, also named ‘Superstar’.

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Gaho – ‘Rush Hour’

Gaho‘s presence in the music scene for the past few months was only through his covers of various songs by different artists. Well, he is finally returning with his first single of 2021, ‘Rush Hour’ that starts pleasurably slow on the acoustic route. It’s when the Rock joins the chorus that the song comes alive dynamically. It’s a straight-off Gaho way of putting a stupendous catchy refrain that makes the song a head-bopper. The music video has an 80s Caribbean setting where Gaho sings in mid-traffic, wanting a hopeless romance with the girl of his dreams.

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EVERGLOW – ‘First’

Taking the futuristic warriors road, Everglow comes back stronger with their EP ‘Last Melody’ which consists of 3 tracks. The lead song, ‘First’ sends the message to find the light in the swirling darkness. In the video, the group performs an intense dance routine in a variety of backdrops inspired by the elements in nature. The song is very arresting and aggressive with a lofty chorus. The comeback also marks the changes in the group dynamics as Sihyeon takes the role of the leader of the group after EU hands down the position.

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GWSN – ‘Like It Hot’

GWSN makes their full group comeback with ‘Other Side Of The Moon’ after Soso recovers from her ankle injury. The track ‘Like It Hot’ is based on a trippy, joyous beat, the group seems to be experimenting with new sounds that stray from their past work. The indelible chorus and catchy hook with a range of voices make the song unique in its discography. The members are seen having fun together in the video, flaunting an elegant choreography as they ask to reveal the other side, just like the moon.

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JOY – ‘Je T’aime’

Since her solo debut four years ago, singing OSTs for various dramas, Red Velvet’s Joy is finally releasing her own mini-album on 31st May. Joy covers 2001 hit ‘Je T’aime‘ by artist Hey as the pre-release track for her upcoming album ‘Hello‘. The jazz melody from the original song is softened to beautifully capture the essence of summer love as Joy sings of those loving fleeting moments that lead up to the realization of love. The live video presents a whimsical view of Joy singing in her saccharine voice in a cottage-core setting. If you love enjoying summer drizzles with serene music to keep you company, this one is for you.

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woo!ah! – ‘Purple’

Back with another single EP “WISH”, woo!ah! brings a colorful palette of music for you to feast on. ‘Purple’ is all about coming together with the one you like and creating a new fresh start, very much like hot red and cold blue that comes together to form purple. Trying out the swaggy side, the track is lined up on minimal Electro Hop vibes. woo!ah! has one of the strong voices within the 4th generation groups and this surely brings out the edge the group was going for with the song. The music video is full of mystique, portraying fairytale elements mentioned in the song that gives it a mystical charm.

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER – ‘Love Sight’ {Doom At Your Service}

Tomorrow X Together brings the second OST for the ongoing K-Drama Doom At Your Service, titled ‘Love Sight‘. The track is a tranquil, romantic ballad with an enchanting melody created on a piano that is brought to a gratifying closure after the bridge. The boys sing of falling in love at that one sight which leaves their hearts giddy and in a trance that it doesn’t seem real at all. It’s a rightful accompaniment to the budding storyline romance that the show is currently airing and the music video is a perfect example of how the song brings out the emotions of the characters in the most touching way.

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ONEW – ‘Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down’ {Midnight Sun}

Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down‘ is the official soundtrack from the musicalMidnight Sun which starred SHINee’s Onew and other K-Pop idols as well. The song has different versions from all the actors and this week Onew’s version was released. The ensemble is of two songs – ‘Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down‘ and ‘Goodbye-Days‘ which is a duet with Lovelyz’s Kei who also stars in the musical. Both the tracks are hearty theatrical ballads, that the artists have done justice to with their stable voices. The track ‘Meet Me When The Sun Goes Down’ portrays the story of the musical where the characters meet in the dark to escape loneliness.

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Yang Da-Il – ‘Where The Stars Rised’ {Bunny And Guys}

Ballad artist, Yang Da-Il‘s songs never fail to touch your heart to the core and this one is no exception. ‘Where The Stars Rised‘ is the OST for Daum Webtoon’s webcomic Bunny And Guys‘. With an imposing chorus and smooth, rich vocals from the artist, this song makes a mark on your heart. The ballad tells of the unforgettable good memories of a relationship which make the singer long for the one who got away. However, the singer wishes them a bright road ahead just like that of the stars, even if he crumbles in pain of cutting ties with one another.

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JEONG SEWOON – ‘DOOR (Your Moon)’ {My Roommate Is A Gumiho}

Jeong Sewoon lends out his euphonic vocals to bring the first OST for the ongoing K-DramaMy Roommate Is A Gumiho, a song that grows on you as the night glows with the moon. The song ‘Door (Your Moon)’ delves into the sleepless nights where the singer keeps thinking of the one he loves and the moon is seemingly the only outlet where he can let his feelings out. This amorous piece is a dreamy symphony, a stringed ballad featuring breathy backup vocals and Sewoon’s glacé voice that can keep you company on sleepless nights too when you lose yourself in the thoughts of the one you love.

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Huh Gak – ‘Under The Lonely Sky’ {Undercover}

The prominent Ballad and OST artist, Huh Gak sings the 6th OST for the K-Drama ‘Undercover’. ‘Under The Lonely Sky‘ is a soulful melody of the promise made to the listener – they’d never walk alone, no matter how tough the roads ahead are. The light, intricate guitar euphony throughout the song is captivating. It becomes even more beguiling as the bridge takes off with Huh Gak’s high note and the addition of rock guitar towards the end. It will surely make space in your OST playlist in one listen.

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Sparkling – ‘DIAMOND’ {Imitation}

The fictional K-Pop group Sparkling, from the K-Drama ‘Imitation’ has made its debut with ‘Diamond’. Sung by ATEEZ’s Yunho, Seonghwa and San, and Boys Republic’s Suwoong, the track is all about the idol ambitions to shine brighter on the stage and soar higher. The music video is a jumble of clips from the show, dipping into the idol life portrayed in it, and the clips of artists while recording. The arrangement is gritty and might come across as messy but it’s in all good faith for the sake of the drama, further showing the dedication of the artists who can let themselves be vulnerable for the sake of their project.

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AB6IX – ‘Gemini’

Following their comeback, AB6IX has released a single ‘Gemini’ which is an exclusive release for the Universe app. With this song, AB6IX has ventured into a new sound as they experiment with misty, groovy, Synthpop tunes with hints of Korean City Pop. The group’s vocals accentuate the song well as they sing to find their way to the listener when they are lost and all alone.  The official music video is available exclusively on the app, however, you can watch the MV teaser here.

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LULUPOP – ‘Find You’ (with Purple Kiss)

Hopping on the trend of digital idols, LULUPOP is yet another digital idol brand from SAMG Entertainment that plans to showcase K-POP content through augmented reality technology. The single ‘Find You‘ is a collaboration between LULUPOP and the rookie group Purple Kiss. The purple florid aesthetic music video features the members of Purple Kiss and the first digital character of the brand, LU. Purple Kiss have lent their vocals for the song that tells of mystery and finding the enigma, based on a trendy dance-pop rhythm, defining an easy listen.

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Yoon Jong-Shin – ‘Behind You’

Part of the Annual Monthly Project by artist Yoon Jong-Shin, ‘Behind You‘ is the installment for May in the 2021 edition. ‘Behind You’ is a perfect example of a Classical Ballad, done just right for the lovers of austere and symphonic tastes. With a developed baritone, Yoon Jong-Shin sings of pondering over a broken relationship and the reluctance to forget the memories. The cinematic music video shows people from different walks of life going on about their days in a sea of people. However, their faces never are truly seen, hinting at the hidden melancholy that only the viewer sees from behind.

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Paul Kim – ‘Summer:Re’

‘Summer:Re’ is a summer remake project by Paul Kim where he brings back the old hits to rejuvenate the season. It is an ensemble of three summer songs – ‘Wave‘, 2001 hit from the duo UN, ‘Perfect Match‘, 2007 song from singer Sung Si-Kyung, and ‘Love On The Beach‘, 1997 jam by the co-ed group Cool. The video features him enjoying and singing all the three songs live on the beach with a band. Paul’s rendition of ‘Wave’ is not melodically different from the early 00s song but he certainly brings his own fresh subtle touch to it with tropical synths. ‘Perfect Match’ is redone in its original Latin glory but more upbeat. Bringing a mellow Bossa Nova rearrangement of ‘Love On The Beach’, Paul goes subdued for a satisfying closure to the medley. Youth can surely enjoy these past hits with Paul’s new touch.

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WONWOO, MINGYU ft. Lee Hi – ‘Bittersweet’

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo and Mingyu along with soloist Lee Hi join hands to kick off the group’s upcoming project ‘Power Of Love‘. The project aims to paint the scenarios of different kinds of love we feel at various times of our lives. The song Bittersweet expresses the dilemma between friendship and love between longtime friends. Build around the simple, moody Bossa Nova structure, the song is a nighttime companion with soft, stifled instrumentation. The rappers of SEVENTEEN come back as vocalists for this track. Lee Hi’s delicate timbre mixed with tenors from the male artists give a unique texture to the song. The music video is a rightful companion, depicting the lyrics where three friends tip-toe around the thin line of turning their friendship into love.

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Miyeon – ‘You Were My Breath’

Performed by (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon, ‘You Were My Breath‘ is a part of CS Entertainment’s upcoming collaborative album ‘CS Numbers‘. The tender Pop Ballad is formed on an alleviating piano tune and has an orchestral touch to it. Miyeon takes firm control of the song with her soporific vocals. Through the song, she remembers her companion who had been with her through thick and thin, and recalls their moments together. The special clip features the artist singing in a dim-lit room with the spotlight on her as she croons like a star.

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SOYOU – ‘Rain’

As part of Yoo Hui-Yeol’s Sketchbook, SOYOU becomes the 62nd voice to join in the entirety of singers, bring the 98th volume of the collection ‘Rain’. The track is a pop ballad, composed of a honeyed acoustic melody that amounts to more as the song proceeds. SOYOU, in her silver-toned voice, compares her flowing tears to the drenching pouring rain as she regrets and tries to forget the broken past. The song has lots of appealing emotive elements that even the sad motif gets behind those beautiful vocals.

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