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The spooky season is here and so are your weekly K-Pop comeback reviews! This week celebrates the spirit of Halloween with NCT 127’s Favorite (Vampire) and gets you in the party mood with SECRET NUMBER’s ‘Fire Saturday. Let’s quickly go through the major releases this week in weekly K-Pop comeback reviews!

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Latest K-Pop Songs

NCT 127 – Favorite (Vampire)

NCT 127 brings a repackaged version, ‘Favorite’, of their previous success, ‘Sticker’, with three new songs. The title track ‘Favorite (Vampire)‘ reuses the whistling on a Hip-Hop inspired, emotionally driven song that concedes to a hauntingly deep love for the listener. With an equally extraordinary vocal execution by the group and fusion of different genres, the song is diverse. In the music video, the group features some supernatural elements to resonate with the Halloween season.

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BOL4 – Butterfly Effect

Ahn Ji Young of BOL4 releases her brand new single album ‘Butterfly Effect‘ which is adorned with two songs. The title track ‘Butterfly Effect‘ is reminiscent of 00s teen Pop-Rock with the use of electrics. The music video displays elegant aesthetics and features the singer at her best singing the song that maps the distance between two lovers in midst of dark clouds and hoping for blue skies.

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April 2nd – Goodnight goodnight

Somewhere Between You And Me‘, a new EP, comes from the Indie Rock band April 2nd. The title track ‘Goodnight goodnight‘ is a fine example of Alternative Indie Rock, with mellow rhythms but a flourishing chorus with bass, featuring delicate adlibs at the end. The song delves into the needs of a person who treasures their past relationship and wants to rekindle the former feelings.

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JUST BEAT‘ is JUST B‘s second release after their debut this year which is made up of three songs. The title track ‘TICK TOCK‘ uses generic K-Pop boy group heavy Pop sounds featuring superb vocal performances by the members. The song expresses the want to overcome weaknesses and become stronger enough to be indestructible. The music video features the members trying to escape a life or death situation with their strength.

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SECRET NUMBER – Fire Saturday

Joining the rookie group SECRET NUMBER for this comeback, are two new members, Minji and Zuu while Denise is on hiatus. Their new single album, ‘Fire Saturday‘ comprises two songs. The title track with the same name is a trendy retro EDM Pop track featuring some trance and synth elements where the girls invite the listeners to join them to party on a Saturday night in SECRET NUMBER’s way! The colorful music video features cheerful and bubbly members enjoying and dancing their hearts out in a retro-inspired setting.

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PARK JI HOON – Serious

Park Jihoon made a comeback with his latest 5th mini-album ‘HOT AND COLD‘, and the title track ‘Serious’. ‘Serious’ is a Hip-Hop inspired Pop-Dance number that expects your true intentions to be reflected in front of the singer. The music video features him in a dark grunge backdrop, in despair, searching for something.

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Soloist JEON SOMI has released her self-produced debut album ‘XOXO’, inclusive of a total of eight songs – four of the previously released singles and four new tracks, the title track being ‘XOXO’. The song narrates the story of how the singer feels after her loved one cheats on her and how she works on her hatred to let those feelings go. The music video uses the aestheticism from the popular female acts of the early oos, pays homage to them as well as uses references from various songs and music videos from female artists where Somi plays the vengeful ex.

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VAV – Cause I Miss You

The septet group VAV celebrates their sixth anniversary in the sweetest way, dedicating a song to their fans. Despite being busy with some members in the military, and some currently working on other projects, the group released a special single ‘Cause I miss you‘, a Pop Ballad which confesses their love for their fans. Some members participated in the production and composition of the song. The music video is a loopback in time till the present, highlighting the moments of the group being together.

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Kim Na Young – The Youngest Day

Mellifluent soloist Kim Na Young released her full album ‘me’. The title track, ‘The Youngest Day‘ is a thoughtfully penned song that signifies the importance of today elegantly. The Pop Ballad starts slowly on a piano melody that gradually builds up to a grander harmony as the chorus ascends along with the lush vocals from the singer. The music video displays people from different walks of life, running on a race track towards the finishing line, implying the finish of a successful day.

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Baek Ji Young – IF I {The King’s Affection}

Ballad queen Baek Ji Young sings the third OST, ‘IF I‘ for the K-Drama ‘The King’s Affection‘. With tantalizing key changes and Baek Ji Young’s mellifluous voice, the ballad confesses to a one-sided love and hopes that the person reflects the same feelings towards the singer, perhaps soon, portraying the confused emotions that the characters are going through in the drama.

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JEONG EUN JI – A Drink Of Life {Work Later, Drink Now}

APINK‘s JEONG EUN JI sings the second soundtrack, ‘A Drink Of Life‘ for her self-starring web-drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now‘. The track is influenced by western Country melodies, incorporating acoustics and bass in a relishing tune. The song asks the listeners to let go of the regrets of the present and enjoy a relaxing time, drinking, and reminiscing the good times of the past.

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GAHO – Memories {Jirisan}

Soloist GAHO lends his voice for the second OST, ‘Memories‘ for the K-Drama ‘Jirisan’, the Rock song that recollects the recollections of more youthful days, filled with the rush of adrenaline, enough to satisfy the needs of a young, carefree mind. The track uses heavy bass and with GAHO’s resonant voice, it can be a morning anthem for an energetic start of the day!

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