Weekly K-Pop Comeback

2021 says goodbye as we turn to a new page of our lives with the arrival of 2022. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year from the team of KHIGH. In this segment of Weekly K-Pop Comeback reviews, some artists ended their year on a cherished note, while some started the new year with a fresh release. Let’s see what the past year left us with and what the new year has brought us in this edition of Weekly K-Pop Comeback reviews!


Weekly K-Pop Comeback Reviews

IU – Pieces

Adored solo artist IU brings all the pieces of her unreleased work together in a special album coined, ‘Pieces‘. The album is composed of 5 songs, either previously performed at various shows or unreleased parts of her previous albums. She released a pre-release live clip for ‘Next Stop‘ a day ahead of the album release. The soothing song, a gorgeous acoustic piece crafted with a symphony of diverse strings, is led by her angelic voice. She tells of the surroundings of a lone station, its empty streets, the pacifying sundown, the inconveniencing rain, the approaching twilight, the reluctance to leave, and the lingering memories.

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MAKTUB – Last Eden

Maktub starts this year with a new EP, continuing his Red Moon series and resuming his last single release, ‘Red Moon: Contact‘ with ‘Red Moon: ∞‘. ‘Last Eden‘ serves as the title track for this album; the Soul track is built on a subtle dramatic orchestration laced with apt strings, keys, and percussion and Maktub’s voice brings it all together for a poignant listening experience. The song possesses poetic lyricism that conforms as an ode to the singer’s lover, sung by the sea, at dusk in the music video.

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Lovey – 🙂

Indie singer Lovey releases her new EP ‘🙂‘, consisting of four cute songs and featuring GOT7‘s Youngjae on ‘hurry‘. The duo compliments each other through their voices in a flawless blend. The acoustic-chill pop song, upbeat with light percussion and electric instruments, unravels the impatience between new lovers as they ask each other to get over the hesitation and hurry through the starting stages of a blooming relationship.

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BamBam – Who Are You [ft. SEULGI (Red Velvet)]

GOT7‘s BamBam ends the year with the most unexpected yet treasured collaboration of 2021 with Red Velvet‘s Seulgi. Releasing ‘Who Are You?‘ from his upcoming album, BamBam has turned over a complete 360 from his previous release that was bright and bubbly. The whole production bleeds grace in the most intimate, dark, evocative way that’s irresistibly exquisite. The duet’s vocals are in a delicate harmony, over the gentle tempo track that’s led with strums and pads, breaking the dusky aesthetic of the contemporary Pop song. This serene song strives to unravel the enigma that their lover is. The music video lays down the mood to the point, dim surroundings highlighted by the slightest of brightness where the duo exudes an elegant choreography, complimenting each other like Yin and Yang.

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Moon Byul – Shutdown (ft. Seori)

Building up the anticipation for her upcoming album ‘6equence‘, MAMAMOO‘s Moon Byul releases another single, ‘Shutdown‘ featuring soloist Seori. The sultry mid-tempo R&B track talks about the intimate times between queer lovers behind closed doors. Seori’s wispy voice joins Moon Byul’s who shows her growth as a vocalist. The music video, however, does not come close to the message hidden in the lyrics; it stays humble in a warm, cozy home where Seori and Moon Byul sing to each other.

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KIM JAE HWAN – Unforgettable

In a downhearted ballad, Kim Jae Hwan expresses his true hidden feelings for his estranged lover through ‘Unforgettable‘, the title track from his latest EP ‘THE LETTER‘. After shedding countless tears after a painful breakup, he carefully asks the question – if he waits, will his lover return to him? Known for his vocal abilities, he rightfully uses his range; along with the story depicted in the music video to convey the rawest feelings of the song.

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The Rose – Beauty and the Beast

Returning to the reverberating rock roots, all the four members of the band, The Rose, come back with a single, ‘Beauty And The Beast‘. With this poetic penmanship on the lyrics that retell the tragic yet happy ending story of Beauty and The Beast, The Rose apprise their own beautiful love story, the blooming destiny, and the withering magic of life. Sung by Woosung and Dojoon, the song follows the crude rocky path inspired by alternative indie rock almost similar to Post-Britpop. The track’s production stays true to the band’s niche in every aspect, even the visual storytelling described in the music video, taking us through the difficult lives of different people, pausing on a happy note.

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Lee Sun Hee – I’ll Leave You {The Red Sleeve}

The Red Sleeve‘ gets South Korea’s most coveted artist Lee Sun Hee under the lineup for its OST. Singing a sorrowful ballad, ‘I’ll Leave You‘, Lee Sun Hee’s voice exudes brilliance from the very start; she commands the song with her vocal range and techniques that sound the pain of letting go of a lover, as roped in the lyrics. The song suits the drama’s historical backdrop with its touching instrumentation that takes hints from traditional structures.

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KYUHYUN – Love beyond words {soundtrack#1}

Super Junior‘s KYUHYUN lends his voice for the original soundtrack of the upcoming short drama, ‘soundtrack#1′. Singing a heartfelt Korean pop ballad that expands its scoring by the end, the song titled, ‘Love Beyond Words‘, he expresses his helplessness in his sincerely and earnestly – how he can’t put his love into words and vows to protect his lover.

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Weeekly – Best Friend (We Can) {Girls’ World Season 2}

Rookie girl group Weeekly sings the first OST, ‘Best Friend (We Can)‘ for the second season of the web drama, ‘Girl’s World‘. Describing the carefree, fun days of teenagers, the song tells about the amusing happenings between friends, strengthening their friendship. The song brings out the exuberant High Teen Pop sounds, pumping with energy. Jihan also plays one of the lead roles in the drama.

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SF9 – Savior

SF9 released a new single, ‘Savior‘, for the fan platform app Universe. They promise to be the savior of light in the hollowing darkness in this track that presents itself on defining House beats and a moving synthy dance refrain, close to SF9’s niche. The members highlight their vocal and rap strengths respectively, overall a pleasant track. The music video for the song is exclusively available on the Universe app.

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Ahn Ye Eun – Haechi

Neo-Folk singer Ahn Ye Eun sings the theme song, ‘Haechi‘ for the historical commentary animation series, ‘Merong Haechi‘ that is based on the Gyeongbokgung Palace. The song is written from the perspective of the character Merong Haechi the mythical animal that differentiates between forces of good and evil and averts tragedy. With Ahn Ye Eun’s guttural timbre over the upbeat modern percussion, the song takes the listeners on a happy ride to the past.

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