K-POP Weekly Comeback

September has already come to an end, leaving us with a plethora of excellent songs. October is off to a great start with the release of several of the highly anticipated releases, with plenty more on the way! So, let’s enjoy the conclusion of a fantastic month and look forward to another amazing month by checking out some of the new releases compiled for you below. Hope you enjoy it!


Latest K-Pop Songs:


SHINee’s KEY released his highly anticipated mini-album “BAD LOVE” with the title track of the same name. When KEY’s vocals rise throughout the song, and the consistent delivery of those high notes truly shines with the electro-retro mix instrumentals, he really displays and amazes with his vocal talents. The song is basically rock on, despite the melancholy lyrics about wanting to escape the toxic relationship.

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Twice -The Feels

Twice had previously released English-language songs, but ‘The Feels’ is their official English debut single. It’s a classic Twice piece that integrates their previous and present sounds and wraps everything together in a retro style. The song has a great tempo and is at its best in the gripping chorus. The nonet receives a mysterious invitation to a prom in the delightfully vivid MV, which follows their preparations for the night, replete with exquisite dance routines, before ultimately attending the big celebration. Overall, the song is a thrilling bop that you end up getting the feels!

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Dowoon – Out of the Blue (Duet with Song Heejin)

Dowoon, the drummer of DAY6, has released his first solo single, titled ‘Out of the Blue,’ which features Song Heejin. Dowoon himself has contributed to this song’s co-writing and composition. The song belongs to the indie pop genre, and it has a shuffle rhythm with a good drum touch, as well as a melody that varies. Despite the fact that Song Heejin and Dowoon have extremely different vocal ranges, their voices mingle harmoniously making it pleasing to hear. The music video, which is a colourful and joyful animation, was unveiled first, followed by a live clip for the song, both of which have their own individual charms.

The lyrics portray the out of the blue, random life thoughts that occur to one’s mind when strolling along the street. Dowoon conveys a wonderful message to his audience, telling them to take it easy and to be mindful to embrace and cherish the ordinary things you experience in life, even if it is a walk, since there is so much life in life itself!

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AILEE – When your tears wet my eyes {Lovers of the Red Sky OST}

The drama’s fourth OST has been unveiled, featuring the wonderful voice of Ailee. The lyrics eloquently capture the characters’ sentiments of love for one other, as well as how the emotions of sorrow or happiness felt by one is felt by the other, befitting the title of the song. With her powerful and heartfelt voice, Ailee has expressed it delicately and elegantly, as she always does. This drama is lined up with all of the beautiful OSTs by all of the outstanding artists so far who have perfectly coated the emotions, making it enticing to watch.

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With their new single ‘Cherry,’ AB6IX have made their third comeback this year. The song serves as the lead single off their latest studio album, “Mo’ Complete.” It is written and composed by Lee Daehwi along with his fellow member Park Woojin. The song is just a feel-good song that is really energetic, catchy, and has a pleasing melody. Like the song, the music video is bright and colourful, and the boys look adorable in all of their costumes as they express the concept of teenage love.

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HOT ISSUE, the recently debuted girl group, has dropped their first single album, “ICONS.” The title track starts with a charming flute melody before transitioning to a moombahton genre with the inclusion of a catchy chorus. The vocals and rap of the group is pretty addictive till the high note in the end leaves you speechless. The song naturally delivers the picture that every person is unique who has the ability to become an ‘ICON.’ The music video displays the group’s confidence and charisma as they pose and perform the song with a beautiful choreography. The group undoubtedly made a great impression with their comeback, expressing their desire to wow their fans with their talent and creativity!

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Ciipher – Blind

Ciipher, the rookie boy group from R.A.I.N Company, made their first-ever comeback with the release of their second mini-album, “Blind.” The instrumental mix on the title track ‘Blind’ features synth elements and an electric guitar riff, which sounds extremely amazing. This song perfectly fuses multiple styles, making it much more alluring to listen to. The music video is charming, with energetic and groovy dance that complements the upbeat nature of the song and makes it entertaining to watch!

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E’LAST – Dark Dream

E’LAST, the boy band signed to E Entertainment, made their comeback with the release of their first single album, “Dark Dream.” The title track fits within a genre that is a mix of classic and pop. The song’s impressive production, along with E’LAST’s incredible voices, smooth rap, and bopping chorus, is consistently exciting to hear. The music video gives the feels of watching a musical with an awe-inspiring cinematography, and it’s amazing how well the song adheres to the concept. At the same time, the choreography is incredibly gorgeous and graceful. Everything is so beautifully intertwined that you will become hooked to E’LAST in no time!

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Have any of these songs already been added to your playlist? Which ones were your top picks from our K-Pop Weekly Comeback Guide? Let us know in the comments section below.
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