K-Pop Comeback Review

We celebrated the new year with a bang with releases from the likes of IU and The Rose to SF9 and GOT7’s BamBam featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi. The first week of January 2022 is no different from the exciting debut of SM’s female Avengers Girls On Top and ‘Girls Planet 999’s Kep1er to solo releases from AleXa, Sam Kim and Seventeen’s Woozi. Well, let’s get into this edition of Weekly K-Pop Comeback Review and see what the new year has in store for us.


Latest K-Pop Songs

(Some songs are not available on Indian Spotify or iTunes)

GOT the beat (Girls On Top) – Step Back

With SuperM being a huge success, it was just a matter of time before we would be getting the female version of the Avengers of K-Pop. Girls On Top is a rotational supergroup with the first lineup already consisting of iconic SM female idols. The first unit, GOT the beat debuted with the hip hop and performance-heavy ‘Step Back’. And like the experimental group, the single dabbles in noise music and trap beats as the girls rap-sing as they go head-to-head with an imaginary rival and order them to stay away from their man.

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Kep1er – Wa Da Da

After winning the ambitious survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’, fans were exasperated as Kep1er’s debut date kept getting postponed. However, the wait was worth it as they made a mark in the industry with ‘Wa Da Da’. Having aced all kinds of concepts for the missions on their survival show, the girls show off their range from punk outfits to preppy looks and cute dance moves. The lead single combines the girl-crush melodies of past trends and energetic electronic choruses as the girl group sings about starting their new journey together with fans.

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P1Harmony – Do It Like This

When it comes to sci-fi concepts, P1Harmony have carved their niche from their iconic film debut to the introduction of their new metaverse, +WORLD. ‘Disharmony: Find Out’, the last album of the ‘Disharmony’ trilogy brings fans into the group’s universe where they are the rulers and simply asks fans to follow them and ‘Do It Like This’. The upbeat hip hop song is full of synths and heavy basslines with an addictive hook.

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Seventeen’s Woozi – Ruby

Having won the ‘Best Producer Award’ at Asia Artist Awards 2021 and constantly being recognized for being one of the best producers in K-Pop, fans wondered when Seventeen’s Woozi would be going solo. Well, he dropped his mixtape and the single ‘Ruby’ which tells us who exactly Woozi is. He shows off his strengths from grand orchestral music intro to the rock-tinged verses. He displays his sensual and emotional side with the edgy pop romantic song as he compares love to that of a ruby stone.

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ONEWE – Universe_

The band always keeps us on our toes from their rock ballads to festive singles. Well, they are greeting 2022 with a gift for their loved ones with the evocative ‘Universe_’. Thanking all those who stayed by their sides through trying times but ended up leaving them too soon, ONEWE bare their emotions in the melancholic ballad full of soft guitars and a haunting piano. The music video similarly tugs at heartstrings as they share clips of their mothers, pets and family.

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Omega X – Love Me Like

If there is one rookie group that everyone usually keeps an eye out for, it’s Omega X which consists of former idols who all got a second chance. And they have no intention of wasting it with each comeback topping the last. Having zeroed in on their signature sound, the passionate ‘Love Me Like’ is a moombahton track full of fierce choreography, darkcore outfits and a groovy melody that one can’t help but dance to.

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WJSN Chocome – Super Yuppers

The WJSN Chocome sub-unit had their last comeback in 2020 with the viral hit ‘Hmph!’ making fans wonder when we would be regaled with another cute and funny single. Having heard the fans’ wishes, they are back with the disco-pop song ‘Super Yuppers’. Channelling their inner superheroes of the 80s with campy superhero costumes, the girls enjoy themselves to the animated music video with a catchy and retro hook that seems to be the highlight.

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AleXa – Tattoo

AleXa decides to show fans a new side to her with the moody and laid-back pop song. In a carefree music video, the soloist vibes to the music as she sings about a toxic relationship with an ex that she just can’t seem to get rid of, like a tattoo. Having forgone her colourful outfits and vibrant hair for ‘Tattoo’, she goes for a muted punk look but not before gracing us with her sleek dance form and quirky choreography for the chirpy melody in the chorus.

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Sam Kim – Smile 

Known for his romantic K-Drama OSTs and soft R&B songs, it looks like Sam Kim is venturing into new territories for the new year. Having teamed up with DJ R3HAB who has arranged the single, ‘Smile’ is Sam Kim’s first dance-pop song. Full of echoing percussions that complement his heavenly vocals, the happy-go-lucky retro song is about the first moments of falling in love with a person and falling in love with tiny things like their smile.

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Eric Nam – Lost On Me

Having become a free agent, Eric Nam has dropped his second studio album ‘There And Back Again’ with the title track ‘Lost On Me’. The sleek and free-spirited song similarly has a light-hearted music video as the K-Pop star seems to be enjoying himself and vibing to the music as he sings about a bittersweet romance. But like the silver lining he keeps finding, the song is an upbeat pop song with funky percussions that makes it more joyful than melancholic.

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