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This week is jam-packed with highly anticipated releases. From CL’s hot SPICY Remix to HyunA & DAWN’s quirky PING – PONG release to LISA’s powerful LALISA debut, this week will surely take your breath away! So, let’s not wait anymore and dive right into this week’s comeback collection!


Latest K-Pop Songs:

CL (ft. Omega Sapien, sokodomo, Lil Cherry) – SPICY Remix Ver.

CL released her single ‘SPICY’ from her upcoming album “Alpha” last month, as you may know. CL also unveiled a remix of SPICY through a performance video, which was released via Dingo FreeStyle. In the remix, CL is joined by Omega Sapien, sokodomo, and Lil Cherry, all of whom had cameos in the original John Malkovich starring MV. The four artists transition between English and Korean effortlessly, trading flaming rap verses over the song’s original trap beat, and it just gets extra spicy!

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HyunA and DAWN have dropped their new joint mini-album “[1+1=1]”, which features the title track ‘Ping Pong.’ It’s well labeled, as the pair ping-pongs between rap and singing for funky and wacky verses. The music video features the couple dressed in bright and colorful outfits, along with an incredible choreography that shows off their wonderful chemistry.

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LISA made her solo debut with the release of her long-awaited self-titled album, “LALISA,” which features a similarly named title track.  A passionate tribute to the artist’s heritage, ‘LALISA’ is a hip-hop song with a powerful brass riff and a dynamic beat blended with traditional Thai music sounds and tinted with the island nation’s unique culture. She emanates her polished look in the video, as well as inimitable and awe-inspiring high-energy performance. LISA’s strong and fearless rap exemplifies how far she’s progressed as an artist.

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Young K – Guard You

Young K of Day6 made his solo debut with the release of his first mini-album, “Eternal,” just a month before enlisting in the military. The title track, ‘Guard You,’ is an electro-pop song with instrumental melodies that expresses a promise to one’s beloved that no matter what happens, he would always protect her.

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MONSTA X has released a new track called ‘ONE DAY.’ This is their second release in English after MONSTA X amazed their worldwide fans last year on Valentine’s Day when they released their first all-English album, “All About Love,” through Epic Records. The song is accompanied by a music video in which fans may experience the group’s passionate and sorrowful lyrics. This song is even more unique since it features MONSTA X’s charming leader Shownu, who participated in it prior to his enlistment in the military.

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SUNGMIN – Goodnight, Summer

After two years, Super Junior’s SUNGMIN has finally returned with a fresh new solo mini-album, “Goodnight, Summer.” The title track ‘Goodnight, Summer,’ is a gentle R&B pop ballad with a delicate melody and slow instrumentals. SUNGMIN’s soft and sweet voice makes this song more pleasant and delightful to listen to. The music video has enriched the song even more with great aesthetics and a gorgeous color palette.

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Solar – Always, be with you {Lovers of the Red Sky OST}

Mamamoo’s Solar has delivered yet another outstanding OST. Solar’s vocal range and versatility are impressive, as seen by her song ‘Always, be with you’. Her sweet and gentle vocals eloquently convey the brewing romance between the main characters and their longing for one other. Solar’s ability to communicate all of the emotions in every line through her phrasing and tone is breathtaking, making each of her OSTs one-of-a-kind.

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TXT (ft. MOD SUN) – 0 X 1 = LOVESONG

TXT and Mod Sun have collaborated on a new remix of ‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You).’ The Mod Sun-assisted remake of ‘0X1=LOVESONG’ is the group’s second remix of the song, after a version of the original song in June that included H1GHR Music rappers pH-1 and Woodie Gochild, as well as Seori. This new version of ‘0X1=LOVESONG’ includes brand-new English lyrics by American singer-songwriter Mod Sun, who also has co-written the lyrics and has provided background vocals to the original version of the song.

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HWANG CHI YEUL, the soulful ballad singer, has returned with the song ‘Too Late’ after 5 months since the release of his mini-album “Be My Reason” in April. The new song ‘Too Late’ is a ballad that portrays the feelings of a person who believes that their time together is coming to an end, with a lyrical melody that communicates the desire to stay together and hang on to the other person who appears to be saying that the end is approaching at any moment. The song’s emotions were amplified by the stunning backdrop of Jeju Island, as well as his visuals and sweet melody.

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With the title track ‘Zombie,’ PURPLE KISS have made their much-anticipated comeback with their second mini-album “HIDE & SEEK”. The song is also co-written by main rapper Yuki. The septet girl group has taken on an uncanny concept by banding together in a zombie apocalypse partying with the zombies, with a twist in the end that you’ll have to discover for yourself. Along with the group’s excellent voices and powerful rapping, the instrumentation and hooks are very infectious!

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The rookie girl group STAYC has released their first-ever mini-album “STEREOTYPE,” which features the same-named title track. They sing about being confident in their appearance and attitude, which is a refreshing take on the lyrics. The song’s whimsicality is enhanced by the bubbly and trappy rhythms and upbeat instrumentation. ‘STEREOTYPE’ is also the follow-up to their two hugely successful single albums, ‘STAYDOM’ and ‘Star To A Young Culture.’ Also, the group’s breakout single, ‘ASAP,’ was released earlier in April.

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