On 9th July took place the finale of K-Pop Contest India 2018. An event that gave plenty of reasons for the fans to celebrate and experience something like never before. From having talented participants, the boy group SNUPER with its overflowing charm to thousands of fans gathered at Siri Fort auditorium with one common frenzy: K-Pop!

We wanted to reflect on a very important visit, by the First lady of South Korea Kim Jung Sook. After completing her political duties she showed her zest by dancing and cheering during the event, it won’t be farfetched if we say she’s the coolest political figure! In the video below she can be seen bopping to the tunes and also singing along BTS’s “Fake Love”.


What really caught our eye and ear (basically we hadn’t been this alert ever) was when the Director of Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI), Kim Kum-Pyoung made a statement about recognising the power of Indian K-Pop fans and that he wishes to bring BTS and EXO group to India.

*stops to write for furiously head banging to “We got the power” and “Go Go” *

*gains composure and continues*

All this in the presence of one of the most powerful person from South Korea itself. Our point is that, this year’s event has left a remarkable mark and has put India on the map for K-Pop future. Due to the eminent visit the event was covered across many articles in India and South Korea alike. The Blue House twitter accounts were seen actively tweeting the event, important people have seen our strength first hand.


We want to thank the First Lady for witnessing Indian Kpopers’ loudest of chants and cheering on with them and we think it’s only about time the south Korean Industry will realise that: Yes, India is a viable market for K-Pop because our love is not short-lived!