This year’s virtually conducted K-Pop India Contest 2020 finale that took place on 12th September 2020 and saw successful participation of various talented contestants from all over the country has finally concluded with the crowning of the well-deserving winners!

The contest saw solo contestants participate in two categories- Vocals and Dance from which a winner and three runner-ups were chosen along with a winner for the Popularity Award from each of these categories.

Let’s take a look at all these awardees and their exciting performances!



Winner: Chanchui Khayi (Delhi)

Song: Eight by IU (ft. SUGA)


1st Runner-up: Vidisenuo (Kohima)

Song: Can You See My Heart by Heize


2nd Runner-up: Komal Harshitha (Hyderabad)

Song: Be Calm by Hwasa


3rd Runner-up: Priyanka Phukon (Itanagar)

Song: Eyes Nose Lips by Taeyang





Winner: Xoe Pachuau (Aizawl)

Song: More & More by TWICE


1st Runner-up: Moon Moon (Bengaluru)

Song: Kick It by NCT 127


2nd Runner-up: Leishimi Hongray (Imphal)

Song: Wannabe by ITZY


3rd Runner-up: Arjun Pan (Ahmedabad)

Song: Kick It by NCT 127


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Vocals: Priyanka Phukon (Itanagar), also the 3rd runner-up in the category for her performance of the song,  Eyes Nose Lips by Taeyang!


Dance: Paris Gupta (Patna) for her energetic performance on Everglow’s DUN DUN!


This concludes this year’s K-Pop India Contest 2020! 


For all the winners who worked hard to reach this goal, a hearty congratulations from Khigh and for all the other contestants who practiced equally hard, we send our best wishes and hope they wouldn’t be too hard on themselves because they left all the desi K-Poppers across India with an amazing experience!


Did you enjoy their passionate performances as well?
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