BTS Butter

With surpassing 15 Million views in just 30 minutes of the MV release, and almost 3.9 Million concurrent viewers, Butter’s premiere was a smashing success. BTS’ Butter became the fastest reaching MV in Youtube’s history to reach 20 Million views in just 54 minutes, breaking Dynamite’s earlier record of 1 hour 14 minutes. The song is co-produced and co-written by the chairman of Columbia Records, Ron Perry.

The MV ranks #1 on Genie Charts, #1 on Bugs, #54 on FLO, and #84 on melon charts within just 1 hour of the song release. BTS’ Butter has already reached #1 on iTunes– Argentina, Belarus, Cambodia, India, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam & Saudi Arabia, in 60 minutes alone!


BTS Butter
Topping the iTunes Song Chart in India


Army’s going gaga over Jimin’s iridescent hair color, make him one of the most hashtagged person on Instagram breaking his previous records. The group will perform their new English track on BBMA’s on May 23 2021.


BTS’ Butter Song Summary

The song unveils a promising groovy catchy summer number, with vocals slipping through the lyricism. The song has a light airy flow along with electrical synths that act as a perfect jerk for the dope track.

It is no surprise that with the most poignant lyrical rap- “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”, RM truly mesmerizes us with the smooth buttery track. JHope can also never fit the category of expectations as he exceptionally exceeds our imagination with every comeback as a dancer, vocalist, and a heart-melting bias wrecker. Jungkook & Jimin, carry an ice-breaking vibe with the chorus that matches with the sexy ice-cold poise of our Rap Star SUGA. Having said that, the top-notch artists, Jin and V can never fail to mark a promising return with a more intimidating version every time as the group’s vocalists. Funnily it is indeed true that the only person they are a competition to, is they themselves.

Which lyrical verbose of Butter moved you the most? Are you one of the ARMYs who supported Butter’s #1 charting on Indian iTunes? Spill your thoughts in the comments.