Wenees and Monbebes are over the moon and they have a splendid reason – WONHO’s spectacular comeback with, ‘Lose’ from the mini-album, ‘Love Synonym #2: Right For Us’, the continuation of ‘Love Synonym #1: Right For Me’. The EP consists of 8 soulful tracks, dedicated solely to Wenee, WONHO’s way to thank his fans for being his unwavering support.

The EP has made its way into worldwide charts and high positions, and it’s a matter of immense pride that the album debuted at #1 in the Indian iTunes Album Chart, India being one of the two only countries where the album claimed the highest spot (at the time of writing). It’s a cosmic procurement with just the second release of his solo career, truly a moment for Indian Wenees and Monbebes to celebrate!

We also have individual tracks trending on iTunes India Songs Chart – ‘Lose’ at #12, ‘WENEED’ at #52, ‘Best Shot’ at #53 and ‘Devil’ at #54!


‘Lose’ comes from an album which intricately depicts the transition from darkness to light, portraying the twilight with the tracklist. In ‘Lose’, WONHO sings about loss and hurt, but also coming to find and accept his true self amidst the chaos. He shows his tenor vocal range which hits the falsetto effortlessly. The song is inspired by the 80s retro, lined with bass and Synth and sounds just as mysterious as substantial. The video paints an equally angsty picture, shrouded in a dim backdrop, with hints of wondrous elements where WONHO struggles through the pain but also highlights extraordinary choreography.

WONHO had mentioned earlier that he wants to show a new side to his fans and with this album he has achieved it! ‘Lose’ also has an English version included within the album as one of the eight tracks. ‘WENEED’ (a play on the fandom name, ‘Wenee’), an ode to WONHO’s precious Wenees, is one of the songs that will make you warm with his overflowing love. The album also features American singer, Kiiara on the track, ‘Ain’t About You’ which is a perfect collab, considering how both their voices just fit right with each other.


It’s really heart-warming to see the Indian fans showing such love to our beloved artist after all the hardships he has faced  The success of WONHO’s album in India has proved the potential of his success with future releases in our country. Moreover, we look forward to the growth of our Indian Wenee fanbase!


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