Wonho Obsession

After Wonho’s fun and playful ‘Blue’, he’s ready to make a comeback with his first single album ‘Obsession’. While his first two comebacks ‘Open Mind’ and ‘Lose’ showed off his sexy and mature charms, the K-Pop star takes a different route with his upcoming release. Having experimented in every aspect of the single album, from the genre to the music video and concept photos, we get a powerful and fierce Wonho in the title track ‘Eye On You’ of Obsession.

Wonho released ‘Obsession’, his 1st single album, and its title track ‘Eye On You on February 16. The 2-track single album immediately trended on Twitter, MelOn, and Bugs. And Wenees showed their support by helping Wonho single album enter charts like MelOn, Bugs, and top Hanteo’s real-time chart.


Wonho – Eye On You [Obsession]

Wonho returns after his September 2021 comeback with ‘Obsession’ with the aim of showing off his musical versatility and skills as a producer as he has worked on both tracks. Along with long-time collaborators Enan and Sun Ahn, he has written and worked on the making of ‘Eye On You’ and ‘Somebody’. ‘Eye On You’ is an electronic dance song about a love bordering on obsession with a groovy beat and addictive hook. ‘Somebody’ is an upbeat pop song while Wonho sings in English about wanting somebody to spend his lonely nights with.


Were you looking forward to Wonho’s first single album? Did you like ‘Obsession’? What was your favorite part of the ‘Eye On You’ music video? Let us know in the comments below.
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