WOODZ Only Lovers Left

Singer-songwriter and producer WOODZ, is back with a new EP titled Only Lovers Left’. The album, which marks his second comeback this year, consists of a total of 6 songs with a two-top lead – ‘Waiting’ and ‘Kiss of fire’. Showcasing the exceptional musical sensibility and versatility of the artist, this EP weaves through various genres of rock, R&B, funk, groove, etc. It hence comes as no surprise that within two hours of its release, the album is already charting #1 on iTunes India Album Chart! It is also climbing the charts in the Philippines (#3 at the time of writing) and other regions around the world.


One of the lead tracks of ‘Only Lovers Left’, this song brings to life the frenzied wish to escape a toxic relationship, the ties of which you just can’t bring yourself to sever. Produced and written by WOODZ also, the track starts with the ticking of a clock as WOODZ despondently lies in bed. The ticking is followed by a fast-tempo guitar-led melody, both of which are expertly used by the artist to convey the frantic rush of emotions that he is going through as he sings in a wispy-mellifluent tone, “I can see my locked heart/ Baby who makes you waiting/ I am gonna drown when you wake up”. The tempo from here keeps rising, adding onto the urgency to escape from the situation even more.

Aside from the thematics of the song, the soundscape of the track is painted in somber yet sonically pleasing colors as we WOODZ tying together various eargasmic elements like electric guitar riffs, funky groovy bass, ambient sounds, with his own stirring vocals. All these together, make the track full of character and attractive freshness despite the heavy subject matter it tackles.


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