4th of August, 2018 – we got ourselves a new representative in Korea! NOPE, this is neither about the “Changwon K-POP Contest 2018”  nor about our beloved government appointing someone as India’s representative in South Korea but about the “Quiz on Korea2018”  that was held in “Holiday Inn”, Chennai.

What is this contest?

It’s not uncommon for people to get into the South Korean culture while listen*cough*stream*cough*ing  K-POP music or (binge) watching K-Dramas (We’re not judging! We love our Oppa/hyung/noona/Unnies too!). If you are one of them or if a person who is interested in the Asian, specifically Korean, culture then this contest is certainly something you SHOULD give a shot in the coming years.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the winner gets to represent India in the contest held by KBS in South Korea? Furthermore, the expenses are fully paid by the Korean Consulate 😉

All about the event!

 The entire event stretched to almost 7 hours, which pretty much felt like 7 minutes to us – audience (and probably the other way around to the participants!). The event was hosted and organized by Mr. Sanjay Ramjhi, who is also the president of the Kwave India(Chennai based Kpop and Kdrama fan group) and it kicked off with the Chairman of the Korean Association in ChennaiMr. Shin Kwi Ho and the Deputy Consul General, Mr. Jeong Dae Soon delivering speeches. This was followed by a mock contest to let the contestants get themselves familiar with the rules.  We TOTALLY witnessed some high level, super tough questions which did make us think of participating for a second!


Mr. Jeong Dae Soon
Mr. Shin Kwi Ho














Just as we, the audience,  started regretting registering as “audience” and not as a “contestant”, the trial round ended and the real deal began. This quickly freed us from the regret and made us realize that we, in fact, did take the right decision. The questions covered pretty much everything under the part of the sun that covers South Korea. The scope included  Korean Culture, Food habits, History, Currency etc. The quiz went on to multiple rounds which included multiple choice questions, questions without any choices, audio-visual round etc. Ultimately after the elimination of 60+ contestants, Ms. Aishwarya emerged as the winner and our desi representative!


The Bonus!

The conclusion of the official event was followed up by FREE mouth-watering Korean food followed by K-POP and K-Drama related games. While some of the K-POP fans exhibited their competitive spirit by actively participating in the games (which was freaking fun to watch), some more blessed our ears and eyes by performing to various K-POP songs. Finally, pretty much everybody won gifts in the give away conducted by K-Wave India ( Yes! I got a T-Shirt, CD of Jung Jae Wook and a BLACKPINK poster!).

[Modula id=’1′] We traveled about 6-7 hours for this.

Will we do this again?

We’d love to.

Should you be a part of it next?

Is that even a question? 😉




Pic credits and special thanks to Mr. Sanjay Ramjhi 

(President of K-Wave India, Chennai)