Rockin’ Webtoon in collaboration with Kiwa Enterprise is bringing to India an exclusive real-time signing session with top Korean webtoon artists, ‘Jimmy’, ‘No Myung-hee’, ‘Back Sang-eun’, and ‘E.HAE’.
Through an exclusive ZOOM session, the exhibition will include a contestant toon-portrait and autograph session for Indian fans between
22.10.2020 (THU)-23.10.2020 (FRI).
In addition to this, Twenty new webtoon introductions, trailers and drawing videos will be presented at the exhibition.

They are also hosting an exciting competition for Indian artists with big prices including a two day ticket for the event, autographs on the art and surprise goodies!

Registrations are now open and you can visit this link to register!

A little sneak peek of the wonder that’s coming our way:


Rockin’ Korea is a cultural content production agency, founded twenty years ago. Their work spans many fields including, performance planning, album licensing, promotion, management and distribution of webtoons.
Only last month they announced that they would be including 8 Kpop idol groups in their webtoons as a promotional event hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.