After BLACKPINK’s comeback music video “How You Like That” aired on June 26, 2020, many Indian fans took to the social media platforms to raise voice against the cultural and religious disrespect towards the revered Indian deity, Lord Ganesha in the music video.


Lord Ganesha’s statue which was used just as a prop on the set and placed in an Arabian Market setting made many desis trend #YGApologise & #BLACKPINKApologise. 


Even though No Official Statement or Apology has been released by YG Entertainment as of yet but the statue that sparked such controversial conversations among the Indian fans has been  quietly removed from the music video!It seems that the company contacted Youtube for permission to edit out the statue from the music video without losing the current statistics.


This quiet editing out of Lord Ganesha’s statue from the music video didn’t escape the Indian fans notice and soon after the edit, fans again took to the social media platforms to express their satisfaction at the statue’s removal. However, they are still looking forward to an official apology by YG Entertainment for this ignorant disrespect.


Hence, even though the statue has been taken out from the music video and we are grateful for it, we still urge the company to issue an official apology acknowledging their mistake & to learn from it!


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What do you think about this quiet removal of Lord Ganesha’s statue?

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