It’s not been a while since Indian music has been mentioned by Chan of Stray Kids, here comes Yongseung of VERIVERY reading comments of INDIAN FANS.

Curious about his reply? Well, continue reading to find out.

Yongseung of VERIVERY, in his VLive has read the comments of an Indian fan (Jasmeet) and replied to them.

The comment said “Yongseung ah, do you know about India? Please come to India.”

To which he replied “Ah India? Of course I know about it. During childhood I did study a lot about the World Map. Of course I know India. New Delhi! That’s the Capital City.”

And then when he was asked about his day’s TMI, he told, “ Today, I went to the gym.” Doing the action of a workout, he concluded with a laugh.

Yes VERRER how are you doing after this now?

Is this the GOLDEN TIME for Indian Kpoppers? Well, maybe! Let’s hope for the best y’all.