Desi cb guide 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide” where we will give yweu an update on a weekly comeback list along with sources to buy them digitally for a super affordable price! This week’s going to be pretty tough if you’re that person who listens to the song (once liked) on repeat and doesn’t stop UNTIL and UNLESS you’re absolutely tired of listening to it. Why? Because pretty much all the releases this week have been repeat-mode worthy! Good luck moving onto the next song.


Let’s get at it!

1. 샵건 (#GUN) – Red Light (Feat. Jhnovr) (Prod. Newmaze)

People who are into the underground k Hip-hop scene, fans of Monsta X who have been following them since “No Mercy” or fans of the famous Hip Hop survival show “Show Me The Money” will be knowing #Gun. For people who didn’t know #Gun is a rapper under “Starship Entertainment”, cousin of WINNER’s Song Mino and a bad-freaking-ass rapper.

The song is a bit different from what you expect from #Gun but honestly speaking, I love this new side of him. Good luck not bopping your head to the beats and actually moving on from this song. I don’t see myself getting tired of it anytime soon. You can buy the single on;

2. 레이나(Raina) – 작아지는 중 (It’s Okay)

The lead vocalist of “After School” is back with a soul touching masterpiece! Thank you Pledis for this! Raina’s back with “It’s Okay” and I’m not okay anymore. Why? Listen to it and find out for yourself;

Hopefully, we will also get an After School & Orange Caramel comeback this year (>.<). Raina’s voice does justice to the song and to your ears. This is my current goto song to get into the right mood every morning and you can get this on;

3.Double K (더블 케이) – Personal

Double K is a famous k Hip Hop artist who even participated in “Show Me The Money” last year. I was personally disappointed when he was eliminated and anybody who’s into k-Hip-hop will be with me on this one! Honestly, I’m not qualified enough to be describing music but if I had to describe, this is the kinda song you listen to before entering your manager’s cabin to apply for a leave ( and you know he’s gonna be like “Why do you need two days for that? Can’t you get it done during lunch break?“).

The song is available on;

4.Bravo (브라보) – Sunny Day

At the time of writing, the MV had less than 600 views and that is just heartbreaking. The amount of talent and the amount of talent that is going unnoticed in this industry is super scary. If you’re not a morning person, a person who can’t stand a lot of noise and likes something soft then this song should be your next alarm.

The song is currently available on;

5. 레디 (Reddy) – 즐겨 (Feat. Chancellor)

I like Maggie, not that I’d die for it but I like it. But I REALLY like it when I add an extra packet of tastemaker to it. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what Chancellor does when he features in any song. 즐겨 ( “Enjoy” in English ) is what you need to listen to if you’re going for a drive, alone – without your girlfriend ( Otherwise you can’t help but concentrate on the song and not on your girlfriend and the drive probably won’t end the way you expected). Meh, just listen to it and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say;

The song is available on;

6. Jhnovr ‘조금만 더’ – 조금만 더

Jhnovr is new to me and the only issue I faced with him is that I have no idea how to pronounce his name even though it’s written in English. But, apart from that, the song is slow paced following the classic R&B vibes and his smooth voice fits the genre perfectly. I got a bit of Dean vibes and I’m not complaining. Please do support Jhnovr, you won’t regret listening to him.

The song is currently available on iTunes.

7.트로피칼 (Tropical) – Mwah (므아)

I fell in love with the song and the group in the first 5 seconds. Tropical Debuted with “Mwah” on 29th of August. The group is making news with their lineup having Park Eunsol of Bambino, who was shot to fame due to her viral fan cam. The song is my kinda song. I love it when they come swinging hard and it’s exactly what this song/group does. Listen to it and be the judge yourself!

Sincerely hoping that the group succeeds on a global level. They have the voice and the talent and all they lack right now is the right amount of fan support. Please do support them! You can buy the debut mini album on;

8.CAMILA (카밀라)-RED LIPs (레드립스)

CAMILA also made debut last week consisting of former Laysha members, Choim and Yu Been, along with Jeong Yuna. From what I read, this is a dance group but the song itself is pretty good. Yu Been, especially does an amazing job delivering the rap verses and the girls overall are not just another bunch of pretty faces. It’s obvious that the MV was shot with a limited budget but does a good job selling the strong point of all the members.

Guess what? The MV is directed by Super Junior’s Shindong! Unfortunately, though, this is not digitally or physically available for Indian fans 🙁

9.위걸스 (We Girls) – On Air (Prod by House Rulez)

We Girls are the third Girl Group to debut this week! The song, “On Air”, is overall not bad at all but lacked something for me(I loved the drop though). We Girls clearly had a better budget than the rest among the debuted groups this week, consisting of 7 members, the MV tries to bring out their cute-yet-edgy side.

The song actually starts sounding better after a couple of listening and overall, the group is well balanced. Currently, the song is available on iTunes;

10.로시 (Rothy) – 버닝(Burning)

Rothy released “Stars” a few months ago but had her official debut last week in M!Countdown with “Burning”.  She’s been a trainee under “Dorathy Company” for 3 years and whoever her trainer was, did a damn good job – give the person a raise, seriously. Rothy has something that cannot be taught, charisma. She looks great on screen but more importantly, she sounds amazing.

You can support this ’99 liner by purchasing the mini album “Shape of Rothy” from;

11.Unofficial – Looped

Unofficial is a duo and Looped is a song that falls under the genre “DAMN THIS IS SO SMOOTH, THANKS FOR EXISTING!”. As a fan, I don’t want you guys to spend more time reading about them here when you can simply listen to them. Please click on the link below, please;

They are unique. They sound unique. Their song is unique. Both play guitar and sing really well. The end product they produce is super calming and something that you can listen to irrespective of your mood. So, when you feel frustrated knowing that they are not available anywhere in the Indian digital platform – feel free to listen to the above song again to calm you down.

12. 라비(RAVI) – ADORABLE (Feat. 양요섭 of 하이라이트)

The song is basically HIGHLIGHT’s Yang Yoseop and VIXX’s Ravi’s voices coming together to create something that can be described as “ART”. The song overall is really good and similar to Looper, this doesn’t require you to be in a particular mood to enjoy it.

The single is available on;

13.백현 (BAEKHYUN) X 로꼬 ‘YOUNG’

Now, this is not an official comeback. This is just an SM Station release which had 0 promotions, apart from an upload on the YouTube. BUT, this is also the song that broke EXO’s Kokobop record for most number of unique listeners on Melon and also the song that peaked at #13 in Indian iTunes chart. Guess what? EXO-Ls are out for blood XD

The song is my personal favorite among the releases this week. Once you listen to it, you can’t take it off your head anytime soon and at the same time, you will be thankful for it. Baekhyun and Loco compliment each other really well and the overall product is simply amazing. You can buy the single on;

14.Drug Restaurant – 403

This is for the K-Rock fans! “Drug Restaurant” is an Indie Rock band and are back with “403”. Now, I wasn’t sure whether to include this release in this article as this song is actually in English. But the song is a really good one so I guess y’all won’t be complaining about the inclusion 😛

The single is available on;

15.Lay – Sheep (Alan Walker Relift)

“Sheep” took entire China and fans of Lay with storm a while ago and this is the “Alan Walker Relift” remix version of the same song. This is the kinda song that keeps you chilled no matter what. A guy can hit you in the face and you will simply smile back at him. Why? Coz he’s a low life who isn’t listening to “Sheep” and isn’t worth your time.

This also broke into the Indian iTunes chart and still trending at the time of writing(#53)! You can buy the song on;


Jooheon is back and if you’re a k-Hip-hop fan you will lose your sh*t when it says “Hey Boy, it’s cold”. Jooheon’s music is totally my type, whatever he does – I know that I’ll like it and the whole mixtape is right up my alley. The MV is shot in an art gallery with the greatest art in it being Jooheon himself (yes, this is not my original line – inspired by a tweet!)

Unfortunately, the mixtape isn’t available on any of Indian digital platforms but will update as soon as we get to know of it.

17.NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘We Go Up’

NCT Dream is back and SM has already announced that this comeback is going to be the last for Mark, as a member of NCT Dream 🙁 . If you’re a fan of the group and have been following them for a while, especially since debut, then the first thing that will probably come to your mind when watching this is “Woah!, they’ve all grown up so well right before my eyes!” and then cry for a while.

I personally felt the growth in this MV, both as teenagers and artists. The whole video is of course well produced with Mark getting a decent amount of lines. Good luck to all the NCTzens out there when it comes to watching without having tears. The single is currently available on

18. 기리보이 (Giriboy) – 옛날거 (Prod. By 기리보이, MISU) (Feat. Kid Milli) [hightechnology : 3곡 & Instrumentals]

This k-Hip-hop release is a classic Giriboy release. This is what Giriboy is good at and this is what he’s famous for. This is the music that gave him so many fans and the “G R BOY” — I missed hearing it.

The whole mini album has some interesting & impressive artists featuring such as Kid Milli, Young B etc and is available on;


That’s it for the week folks! Hope you enjoy all the releases and thanks for reading! ^^

If you feel that we have left out any of the releases then please comment below and we will include it ASAP.