Desi Weekly 8

Welcome to the 8th edition of “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide”! Sorry for the delay this week, we had too much to cover 🙁 – which should be a good thing because a lot of things have been happening around! 😀 So, let’s dig into this week’s comeback! ^^



Our favourite boy group has finally debuted with their mini album “The Big Dipper”! It’s hard to believe that this is their debut because the MV is of super high quality and the visuals are outstanding. The song is overall what K-POP stands for and couldn’t have asked for a better debut than this.

The album is finally available for our desi fans on;

2. GOT7 – Present : YOU

COMEBACK OF THE WEEK! GOT7 are FINALLY back with something I didn’t see coming and I’m not complaining! Wigs have  been snatched, minds have been blown and if you missed it, you REALLY need to watch this.

The MV is trippy and honestly, I didn’t understand the story behind it – mainly because I’m dumb. But you can now support GOT7 by buying THE comeback digitally on;


In the recent interview (not with K-High of course :/), WJSN disclosed that they haven’t received their first paycheck yet. Now, that is just said if you are WJSN – I mean, they’ve got the vocals, dance, rap, visuals, good music! GO SUPPORT!

You can support the girls by buying their songs on;

4. DREAMCATCHER – Alone In the City

DREAMCATCHER is the group that was critisized by many for sounding similar to J-POP and I was afraid that they might change their style. I don’t care about what others say but DREAMCATCHER is UNIQUE in K-POP and I LOVE their music. They are also another group who’s got it all and can do ’em all!

The album is available on;

5. AMBER – White Noise

THANK YOU SM for this. I’m still not over this release. I’m not a huge fan of EDM but Amber’s voice makes all the difference here! The MV and lyrics are all about Amber’s personal struggle but also provides a positive support to the listeners – sounds like Amber!

You can buy both “White Noise” and “Lost at sea” on;

and that’s it, unfortunately, for this week! We concentrated mostly on “POP” this week and didn’t dwelve too deep inside the other genres. But yes, we will do that again from next week!

Hope you enjoyed reading this & if you feel that we missed something that needs to be on this list then don’t hesitate to comment below ^^