Desi weekly comeback guide 3

Welcome back to the “Desi Weekly Comeback”! — Trying to come up with some good introductory paragraph right now but it’s simply impossible while jamming to all the recent releases of the past week so PLEASE excuse me for this lame — Oh yeah, the song ended, not gonna click on repeat until I complete this D:


Anyways! THE PAST WEEK HAS BEEN FREAKIN’ AWESOME ( Using the word “freaking” because there might be kids reading this and we are super family friendly 🙂 ). The previous weeks were mostly summer, but this week the comebacks spread through a larger variety of genres.  We’ve got too much to cover so let’s get right into it.


1. PUP(펍) ‘Glow up’ – Glow up (Feat. TAKUWA)

PUP released her latest album “Glow Up” with the title track of the same name. This is a new discovery for me, never heard of her before but won’t forget them after this. If you’re not a fan of k Hip-hop, you will be after listening to this.

Can’t stop myself from jamming to this! The song is currently available on Google Play & iTunes- GO SUPPORT ‘EM!

2. MXM – More Than Ever

The first idols to be trained under the label “Brand New” are baaaack! Unlike the previous song which was pretty hardcore, MXM’s title track “Ya Ya Ya” is more of a mellow song which will make you want to think of your boyfriend and dump him for these boys.

You can buy the entire album on;

3. (G)I-DLE – HANN (ALONE) [한 (一)]

Unlike most of the people, I discovered Jeon Soyeon not from Produce 101 but from Unpretty Rapstar. I tried Produce 101 because of her and LOVED it. I started (G)I-IDLE also because of Jeon Soyeon and THANK GOD i did! The song is simply amazing, something really fresh and the girls come swinging hard with overflowing charisma, this is a  song that YOU CANNOT miss.

The song can be bought for less than 20 Rs in the following portal;

4. 마이크로닷(Microdot) x 진실 JINSIL – Light the Fire

Microdot is a k Hip-hop artist who hasn’t been shy of experimenting with his rap styles and music he’s been producing has been pretty versatile. This time he’s teamed up with Jinsil and what they created together is absolutely magical. Microdot is from the US so don’t be surprised with his English rap 😉

You can buy the single on;

5. BerryGood(베리굿) _ Green Apple(풋사과)

Berry Good are back with their album “Free Travel”! The title track “Green Apple” is an upbeat song that will make you go uwu! The MV is decently produced and the girls are visually pleasing, you can see the potential and the hunger to achieve greater heights among the girls. Check out the MV right now!

Unfortunately, the girls are facing possible disbandment and everything is hanging on this comeback so PLEASE support the artists by buying their songs. Their song is available for a pretty affordable price for desi fans on;

6. 임팩트 IMFACT – 나나나 懦那䛔 NANANA

I’m not over this song. If you have listened to this song, neither are you and if you HAVEN’T listened to it yet — please, this article isn’t going anywhere, go give it a try NOW.

This entire song is simply amazing! I have no words for it but have been spamming in every chat group, statuses I know. EVERYBODY deserves to feel the pleasure that I fealt when listening to this song. STAN THEM PEOPLE! Unfortunately, the song is not available in Google Play OR iTunes and I’m still pissed about it >.>

7.HYOLYN(효린) – BAE

Now, I CAN’T be the only one who’s excited for the return of Summer Queen. HYOLYN is BACK with BAE and once again, I CAN’T be the only one who got major SISTAR vibes on this one! The up-beat-summery song is what we all needed and we’re lovin’ it!

P.S. Hylolyn’s body is goaaalssss!

You can find the single on;

8. 코드쿤스트 (CODE KUNST) – BLESS (Feat. 로꼬 & 우원재)

Code Kunst is a Hip Hop producer who was under HIGHGND (Formerly headed by Tablo of Epik High) and is currently signed under AOMG ( headed by Jay Park & Simon Dominic ). Code Kunst is back to BLESS us with his new single “Bless” where he teamed up with the new hip hop sensation Woo Won Jae and Loco!

I am not sure why only 1:30 minutes of the entire song is available on YouTube but you can buy the full version of the single on;

9.BIGFLO(빅플로) _ Upside down(거꾸로)

Ayeeee… BIGFLO! BIGFLO are FINALLY back. The group gained quite a lot of attention during the idol reboot program, “The Unit” and hopefully, this comeback will take them to new heights. The song has the right amount of vocals and rap, the parts being distributed well among the members. The choreography is breathtaking and over all this is a one  you CANNOT miss!

The entire album is currently available on;


The girls we all love are back with a Japanese comeback! I guess that makes this a J-Pop song but we don’t give a SADASDAS about it and will include it in this list. Why? Because the song makes me happy and I’m sure it will make you feel the same! SPREAD LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN THIS SEKAI! SPREAD TWICE!

The single is available on;

11. Kris Wu吴亦凡 – Hold Me Down

Yeah, this is C-Pop but we aren’t gonna complain and pretty sure neither will you because this is KRIS WU looking for a girl to hold him down and turning into Kris Uwu redface

The single is currently available on;

12. SUPER JUNIOR-D&E 슈퍼주니어-D&E ‘머리부터 발끝까지 (‘Bout you)’

The original Oppas, that is Oppa with a Captial O, are BACK! Super Junior D&E is everything that K-Pop originally stands for. The rhythm is hella catchy and good luck stopping this from being played repeatedly! I’m hoping that they will release more similar music this year ‘coz this is EXACTLY what I needed from k-pop.

The entire mini-album is available for desi Elf’s on Google Play & iTunes.


Did we miss something? Feel free to comment below. ^^