Desi Weekly collage

One of the most common hearings in the Desi k-pop community is “We cannot afford the album” or “Dude i am sooooooo broke!” Now, the notion of ‘unaffordable albums’ is simply wrong, although it MIGHT be true for Physicals out there – it DEFINITELY isn’t for Digitals.

Don’t know where to find them? Don’t worry, “Your Desi-weekly comeback guide” will help you find all the right things at the right prices 😉

K-Pop didn’t think twice when it comes to blessing our ears on the first week of August and here’s the entire list in case you missed any!

1. Zico – Soulmate Ft. IU

The week kicked off with this certifeid all kill-er dropped by none other than the “Tough Cookie” himself (teaming up with I.U of course)! SoulMate is simply everything done right, pleasent to the eyes – pleasent to the ears. What’s more in it for desi fans? It’s available on Gaana!

Here are the streaming/download links for “SoulMate”:

2. Miryo – TRUE

The former under ground rapper and the member of the legendary Girl Group “Brown Eyed Girls” dropped her mini album on 30th of July. If you’re a fan of k-hiphop or the rap-game in general, this is definitely for you. Fortunately for us, we can buy/stream this on “Google Play“!

3. Leo (of VIXX) – CANVAS

“ASDASDADWDAADSDASDASA” is what you will be after listening to this. No further description required! You can buy/stream them on both iTunes and Google Play, links below:

4.SF 9 –  Sensuous

The comeback that has got everybody talking and one of my personal favorites in the list! SF9 are back and you can support them by digitally buying their mini album “Sensuous”  on Google Play! Link below:

5. Voisper – I Believe

Unlike other group comebacks, Voisper did not drop an MV but you won’t be complaining after listening to the audio they dropped! Yes, we believe in you Voisper. Link below:

6. iKON – New Kids: CONTINUE

The song that is simply on the loop ever since it dropped. iKON is back with another iconic release, the mini album “New Kids: Continue”. Top notch vocals, top notch rap, top notch choreography and to top it off – an intense MV. Digitally, the mini album is available on both iTunes and Google Play. Links below:

7. BTOB Blue – When It Rains

Not sure what to choose between “I’m not crying, YOU are!” or “Who’s cutting the onions?!“. Now available on iTunes! Link below:

Did we miss anything? Comment below and we will look into it right away!