Desi Weekly Comeack Guide 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide”. Your one-stop-shop for all the recent comebacks with information on where you can buy them for dirt cheap prices. If you are still not sure about what this is all about, feel free to check our previous editions!


>> Your Desi Weekly Comeback Guide [ August 27 – September 2, 2018] <<

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of it – let’s begin!

1.AshGRay (애쉬그레이)- YEAH

I caught a bad cold last Monday and had to take medications for it which made me super drowsy. I tried some really strong Coffee which had no effect but this song knocked the sh*t out of me the second I started playing it. The song falls into the genre “rock” but unlike most of the k-rock songs that has a hint of pop in it, AshGRay go all out following the classic rock culture.

As a 90’s kid, I couldn’t help but remember my childhood – this was the kind of music that made me fall in love with music in the first place. The song is currently available on;

2.BLANC7(블랑세븐) _ DRAMA(드라마)

BLANC7 took off last week with mini-album “Take off”! The MV of its title song “Drama” reminded me a bit of Monsta X – Hero, mostly because of the roof-top location used initially but this is in no way a bad thing. The overall MV is really well produced showcasing the strong points of all the members BUT it’s hard not to close your eyes while listening to it as you fall into a trance.

You can buy the mini album on;

3.100%(백퍼센트) _ Heart(맘)

100% is FINALLY back with their mini album, “SUNSHINE” with the title song being “Heart”. For those who missed out, 100% is currently a 5 member group that made a name for themselves when one of their members Rokhyun reaching the finals of the Idol Reboot program “The Unit”.

Unfortunately, the past March was tragic for the group has their leader Minwoo passed away due to cardiac arrest. Personally, I’m glad that they are back and I’m pretty sure Minwoo is proud of them right now. You can buy the mini album on;

4.남우현(Nam Woo Hyun) “너만 괜찮다면”

NAM WOO HYUN IS HERE! and he made me realize why I’m single :). This is the song that is guaranteed to either make a girl’s heart flutter or cry or both at the same time. The entire MV can be defined in one word – “Perfection”. Or is it “art”? Take a look and be the judge yourself!

The album is currently available on;

5.남태현 TAEHYUN NAM – 별 Star (Prod. by 박근태 KTP)

Nam Tae Hyun, the former member of WINNER and the leader of the rock band “South Club” is back with a solo song! Much like the previous song, the song is meant to make your heart flutter and it does so successfully. I realized how much I missed him when I started listening to this song.

You can now support the artist by buying the song on;

6.창모 (CHANGMO) – BOY

It’s kinda disappointing how underrated k-Hiphop is in India. Changmo is a hiphop artist signed under the 1llionaire label (headed by Dok2 and The Queitt) and is one of the main reason why I’m following “Show Me the Money” this year. Sincerely urging all the readers to give this guy a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

The single is available on;

7.SUNMI(선미) _ Siren(사이렌)


Unfortunately and surprisingly this is not available in any of Indian digital media platforms 🙁

8.박지민(Jimin Park) “April Fools (0401)” M/V

Park Jimin is one of the most talented yet criminally underrated artists who finally came back after a hiatus of 2 years. She’s got everything – the talent, the voice, the looks – everything. The M/V, however, is something I did NOT saw coming and scared the sh*t out of me. Take a look and you will know what I’m talking about!

The comeback is currently available on

9.SoRi(소리) – 터치 ‘Touch (Feat. BASICK)’

People mostly remember her from Mix Nine for being scrutinized by YG when they should be knowing her for her talent. The MV IS FREAKING HOT. LIKE WTH I DID NOT SEE IT COMING. I’M STILL NOSEBLEEDING. To top it off, Basick is featuring in the debut track! The whole thing is a must watch. Good luck not falling in love with it.

You can find the debut single on;

10.멋진녀석들(Great Guys) Illusion (일루션)

“Great Guys” are BACK! They deserve more success, a larger and loyal fandom, more attention and definitely a better name. The song will captivate and seduce you right from the first second of it starts. My health wasn’t in a good condition this past week and still this song couldn’t stop me from grooving to it. THIS IS WHAT I LITERALLY LIVE FOR PEOPLE!

The entire mini album “Take off” is currently available on;

11.Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG ‘몰랐니 (Lil’ Touch)’

Palli La la la la ~ Palli la la la la

The QUEENS are back. The LEGENDS are back and you already know that seeing how this comeback trended at #3 in Indian iTunes! Good luck taking this off the repeat-loop.

The comeback is available on;

12.THE BOYZ(더보이즈) _ Right Here

The genre “pop” is a western genre. I’ve heard a lot of people claim that k-POP is just “pop” in Korean and isn’t a seperate genre. While, their argument is definitely solid – if you really want to know the difference between pop and k-pop, DO listen to this song. It’s not just POP, it’s K-POP.

The mini album is available on;

13.GWSN(공원소녀) _ Puzzle Moon(퍼즐문)

DEBUT OF THE WEEK! Honestly speaking, I found the song a bit too generic – I guess the company wanted to play it safe for the debut but overall it’s a pretty good debut and I’m really looking forward to how GWSN will develop from this day onwards.

You can find the mini album on;

14.립버블 Lipbubble – Yellow Pink

The rookie group Lipbubble are back with a “bubbly” song (see what I did there? 😉 ) and are looking as fantastic as ever. The over all MV is really bright and manages to make you smile through out the song but honestly, I feel that it doesn’t do justice completely to the girls’ capabilities. I’m still waiting for an “IT” song from these talented girls.

The song is available on;

That’s it for the week guys! Let us know if you feel that we missed something and we will be on right away!  ^^