Yugyeom Point Of View: U

GOT7’s Yugyeom had already proven his mettle as a soloist when he had captured the #1 spot in various music charts like Genie, Worldwide iTunes Chart, and the iTunes of 36 countries including India, with the pre-release song from his debut solo album ‘Point Of View: U’ titled ‘I Want U Around’.


The full 7-tracked album, ‘Point Of View: U’ featuring elite artists of the R&B and K-HipHop industry like Jay Park, Loco, GRAY, DeVita, etc. has also taken over the world now, within hours of its release! The album has already reached #1 on iTunes in 18 countries – India, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, etc., while the lead track, ‘All Your Fault (ft. GRAY)’ has also grabbed 13 countries’ #1 spots on iTunes which include the Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, El Salvador, etc. The song is currently at the #4 spot on Indian iTunes and Genie (at the time of writing).


All Your Fault (ft. GRAY)

A track that starts with the police sirens wailing that foretells the route the storyline is going to take, ‘All Your Fault’ shows a hurtful lover, Yugyeom drowning in the pain of separation before he eventually turns vengeful and goes after the ex-lover’s new beloved, GRAY. Despite the dark undertones, the song itself carries a calm, smooth vibe which is highlighted by the mellifluent vocals of Yugyeom and the guitar strumming-infused beats. GRAY’s role as a producer and a featuring rapper also adds to the overall mesmerizing impact of the song and the music video which offers an excellent acting performance by GOT7’s maknae; now, AOMG’s newest member – YUGYEOM.


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