Yugyeom I Want U Around

4 months after parting ways with JYP, Yugyeom finally released a part of his much-awaited upcoming album in the form of a pre-release song which has already topped #1 on iTunes Charts in 16 countries worldwide. The track is called ‘I Want U Around’ and it’s featuring artist DeVita, a K-HipHop based soloist. The masterpiece dropped with its very own music video filled with dark elements of being lost while walking through a forest and dry land that resonates with the lyrics about having lost someone that was very special and missing them each waking hour of the day.

This day officially pinpoints the start of the artist’s professional music career in his new labelAOMG. ‘I Want U Around’ was composed by Yugyeom himself as well as DeVita who accompanies him in the song and hitmaker GRAY.

In India, the song has already hit #1 on the iTunes chart just over 4 hours after release. It didn’t take long for Ahgases all over the country to show love and support for the artist who just started walking on a new path in life.

Set to release on the 17th of June, Yugyeom’s first solo album Point of View: U has 7 tracks in it and is fully composed by GRAY and Cha Cha Malone. Plenty of his other labelmates are also featuring in the songs themselves such as Jay Park (Founder and CEO of AOMG), GRAY, Loco, Punchnello, and of course DeVita in ‘I Want U Around’.

Till now we’ve only seen the first track of Point of View: U but it’s more than enough to get the entire K-Pop community buzzing about the album. Previously, Ahgases also received multiple black and white images of Yugyeom along with lowkey-colored silhouettes of flowers on a black background as official teasers. The anticipation, hence, couldn’t be higher!

Are you excited about the maknae of GOT7’s solo debut? Which of the collaborations are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!