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Expectations were soaring when it was revealed that Yuju would become the first member of the former girl group GFriend to have a solo debut. Well, she did not disappoint as she made her debut with the breath-taking lead single ‘Play’ from her first mini-album. And while she has dropped solo singles and OSTs before, the all-rounder started her new chapter on 18th January 2022, with the release of her debut EP ‘Rec’

Yuju is ready to show the world who she really is and what everyone can expect from her through her new journey as a soloist with the lead single ‘Play’. Written and made by her, it is an R&B-pop song with Korean instrumentals that emphasize her elegance. With a groovy melody and an equally mesmerizing music video, Yuju sings about heartbreak and toying with love.

Yuju has gone all out for her first solo EP from participating in the making of the songs to the concept and the creative aspect of the music video. Well, KHIGH got the chance to interview Yuju about the preparations for her solo debut, the music video and more. She also shared how it felt from debuting with a group to a soloist, her interest in dabbling in different projects and dream collaborations with the likes of Dua Lipa.

Source: @konnect_YUJU on Twitter

KHIGH: Congratulations on your solo debut! The title track ‘Play’ is so cool. What made you want to select it as the title track of your first solo album?

YUJU: Thank you! I wanted to keep it trendy, but to have a fresh sound as well. It came out as I was imagining so I decided on it as the title track.


KHIGH: How did you prepare for ‘Play’ and make sure it is authentic ‘Yuju’?

YUJU: Thankfully, I learned a lot while preparing in a good atmosphere and in good tension which Konnect Entertainment has. Various attempts were made to break clichés when expressing myself.


KHIGH: What would you say is the message that you are trying to share with ‘Play’?

YUJU: I hope this track will be a piece that can build consensus about relationships with people that are playful but who also sometimes feels empty.

Source: @konnect_YUJU on Twitter

KHIGH: The music video for ‘Play’ is so beautiful and creative. Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories while you were filming?

YUJU: The atmosphere on the set was good, and I tried to focus a lot on the moment. The scene where the shadows were made with flowers on the face was especially fun and new to me.


KHIGH: If you had to select only one song from ‘REC.’ to perform forever, which would it be?

YUJU: Every track is so precious, but I’d pick the title track ‘Play’!


KHIGH: You have participated in the making of all of the songs in ‘REC.’ How did you get into music-making?

YUJU: I didn’t know that I would be participating in all tracks at the beginning. Thanks to those people who have been trusting me and leaving it up to me which enabled me to come up with good ideas day by day. The album could be completed because of their help.

Source: @konnect_YUJU on Twitter

KHIGH: You were in one of the biggest girl groups ever. How different was it now when you were preparing for your solo debut? Was it intimidating?

YUJU: I’ve been working with so much love and which I still do. Of course, there were fears about a new start as a soloist, but I will now try to turn my fears into joy, and I will work harder to do so!


KHIGH: This is just the beginning of your amazing solo journey! What type of project would you like to try next? 

YUJU: I would like to express myself more through various music projects! But I’ll try my best to act or host a show if I have a chance to 🙂


KHIGH: You have had so many iconic OSTs for dramas like ‘True Beauty’ and ‘Police University’. How do you prepare and make sure they match the vibe of the drama?

YUJU: Before singing the OST, I try to read and learn the scenario and atmosphere of the drama at least a little.

Source: @konnect_YUJU on Twitter

KHIGH: What concept would you like to try for your next comeback?

YUJU: I can’t tell the specific concept yet! But I’d like to show various sides of me.


KHIGH: You have collaborated with so many talented artists. Who would you like to collaborate with next?

YUJU: There are so many fabulous artists so it’s hard to choose, but I like Tori Kelly and Dua Lipa.


KHIGH: You have tried all kinds of genres and even made your own songs. What genre would you like to experiment with next? 

YUJU: I’m open to all kinds of genres. If it’s something that I could be honest with, I’d like to try it.


KHIGH: Finally, any last words for your fans who were waiting for you?

YUJU: Thanks to my fans, I am so happy and grateful every day. I will always go ahead without halting! I love you ♥️


We loved Yuju and her soulful solo debut. Listen to her latest album ‘Rec’ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘Play’ below:

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